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Gilles Marin’s Great-Grandma’s Virus Neutralizing Protocol

How to prevent getting the flu, or any kind of other airborne sickness,

and how to eradicate the COVID-19 contagion

and prepare for the next one.

Gilles Marin

TaoTouch - Taoist Healing Touch® Director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, California, USA Co-directeur de l'institut de Chi Nei Tsang, Nice, France Universal Healing Tao and Chi Nei Tsang Senior Instructor since 1986

Books by Gilles Marin: Five Elements Six Conditions, North Atlantic Books 1999 Chi Nei Tsang: Healing From Within, North Atlantic Books 2010


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Against COVID-19 in order of progression of the disease

Reminder: I am not a conventional licensed allopathic medical doctor. I am a practitioner of holistic medicine. I am sharing here my experience and knowledge about the use of home remedies, which can prevent or enhance greatly the use of conventional medicine.

G. Marin

• STAY WARM.  Stay away from cold winds and drafts.  Protect your throat and neck.

• High dose of Vitamin C 1gr. (1000 mg) 3 x daily.

• Hot ginger tea during the day and a grog before bed (juice of 1/2 lemon, hot water, honey, 1 shot of rum).

• Steaming the house nonstop with a blend of essential oils of eucalyptus (3 drops), mint (2 drops), thyme (1 drop).

• When you go out, spray some Cologne water or rub some essential oil  on your mask, yourself, and your car.

If you get any kind of symptoms:

• Homeopathic remedy: Oscillococcinum (1 full dose 3 x daily)

• If still congested: stop oscillococcinum and take Yin Chiao pills (3 – 5 pills 3 x daily) or take grapefruit seed extract.

• Steaming with essential oils of eucalyptus, mint and thyme directly through your nose and mouth 20 minutes 2 x daily.

• In case of fever: double Vit. C intake + hot and strong ginger tea or grog + Sauna or blanket to break a sweat. If there is high fever more than two days, take the fever down with pharmaceuticals.

• If there is bronchitis turning into pneumonia: double again Vit. C intake + pharmaceuticals (antibiotics) + mustard seeds hot cataplasm on the chest to loosen up phlegm + cupping on the upper back.

• Take an herbal expectorant (consult your health food store and local Asian food store)

• I also recommend acupuncture at each level of treatment: before feeling sick to enhance the immune response, while being sick to enhance the effect of all remedies, and after being sick to help a faster recovery.


Living in times of flu epidemics in populated areas we have to assume that we caught the virus, called COVID-19, and that we are carrying it with us all the time. This is a virulent kind of flu virus that has already taken many victims. Although there’s a sentiment in some of the medical community and the media that COVID-19 is not the flu because it is a novel virus (meaning a new virus), the fact is, it is a NOVEL strain of the FLU. We have to take it seriously and be efficient in eradicating it. Being a virus, it is not affected by conventional medications such as antibiotics. It can only be neutralized by antiseptics. Let’s neutralize it, on, around, and in ourselves with disinfectants to prevent it from reproducing and spreading.

Unfortunately, conventional disinfectants, even those found in pharmacies, are toxic if taken internally. Even the otherwise safe hydrogen peroxide, at a safe concentration, is loaded with heavy metals to stabilize it sufficiently to make it industrially marketable worldwide under any climate and traveling conditions. So, to take internally, the only relatively safe disinfectant you can buy is the alcohol in your favorite hard liquor drink, and no doctor will ever tell you to use it as a medicine!

Fortunately, you don’t have to become an alcoholic in order to avoid getting the flu. There are other very potent natural antiseptics we can find in a non-toxic form, if used wisely. Only remember that even pure water, taken in excess, can also kill you! In addition, there are many ways to strengthen your body’s resistance with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and with food supplements that efficiently enhance your vitality and enable your immune system to repeal and neutralize viruses: Go for the old-time home remedies and the health food store.

When the virus gets in your system, it needs several days to incubate before it can reproduce to the point of making you very sick. It incubates first in your throat and your nasal cavities.

• At this point you don’t have any symptoms at all and you might even feel quite good. However, this is the time where you are the most contagious! Be mindful and respect the rules of social distancing, and thorough hygiene.

• If you gargle with a disinfectant and breathe a blend of essential oils of thyme, mint and eucalyptus (at the proportion of 1 drop of thyme, 2 drops of eucalyptus, and 3 drops of mint), it will eliminate and repeal the virus during its incubation period and you might be able to escape the contagion unharmed. Put some of that blend on your hands, mask or scarf, around your nose and mouth, but be careful not to touch your eyes with it. It is not dangerous but can be very painful for a few minutes.

Avoid mucus producing foods such as pasteurized dairy, sugar, especially in drinks such as sodas and reconstituted fruit juices from concentrates, starches such as commercially produced boxed cereals, wheat, corn, potatoes, rice, pasta and bread, and their derivatives. Don’t surcharge your system with overeating. When in excess, even the best food ends up corrupting inside your body, making your digestive system overwork. You want to save your energy for your defense system.

I used to have asthma and I used to catch flus that turned into bronchitis, keeping me incapacitated for weeks. I got rid of asthma years ago by learning how to use essential oils and to avoid getting the flu with my own great grandma’s herbal knowledge and ancestral wisdom about traditional healing (she was the “sage-femme”, the mid-wife – healer of her village in Southern France). I haven’t caught the flu for over ten years, and this is without taking flu vaccinations (I don’t like the neurotoxicity added to the vaccines for preservation). The last few times I caught the flu I was sick just for a few days. I stopped all medications for asthma and I only keep a small inhaler in case of emergency, especially when I travel.

I developed a simple protocol to avoid catching the flu and to get rid of it rapidly if I do, based on home remedies, good hygiene, and a healthy life style. This is the protocol I am sharing here with you. Please feel free to share with all your co-workers, neighbors, friends and family.

If we are smart, this hard epidemic can teach us to never, ever catch the flu again if we are able to learn from it and adopt the right strategies.

First thing in strategy, learn about your enemy.


What is the flu virus and what is its role in life?

A virus is seen by the scientific community as the smallest, but nastiest being on the planet. However, from my perspective, a virus is not being mean. It is just doing its job, which is to speed up death. When living beings are getting unhealthy, they attract viruses. Viruses are very strange beings. They don’t eat. You don’t attract them because they are hungry. You attract them by your chemistry that has become acidic by excess stress hormones (adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol) in response to a chronic inflammatory condition, or by excess stress in your life, being too tired, or being upset for a long time.

As a matter of fact, from the scientific perspective viruses are not really alive. They don’t eat and they don’t have sex. They just work. Not fun. They do reproduce though, but for that, they need an unhealthy being full of adrenaline to, basically, clone themselves in. This cloning time, or gestation time, is also called incubation time. During that time, they stick their little arms into your mucus membranes in your throat and your nasal cavities. There, they cluster, multiply, and create a festering site of infection within a few hours or a few days depending of the strength of your immune response.

During these few days of incubation, the viruses are very contagious because they are reproducing, but they are also very vulnerable because of not being yet completely established inside you, their host. Even though they cannot be affected by antibiotics - because they are not really alive - they are the agents of death - they can be neutralized by two simple things:

1 – A disinfectant that breaks their little arms of contamination – They cannot attach themselves and fall prey to your antigens.

2 – A change of program: The host is too vital to be diseased. Not enough adrenaline in the blood. The viruses cannot reproduce fast enough before your antigens take care of any infection they produce in your body. They get discouraged and look for someone else to bounce on and contaminate.

If you are very healthy be mindful of the people around you who could catch viruses bouncing off of you. Please be polite, apply the disinfecting protocol on yourself like everyone else should.

So, the first two rules to respect in order not to fall victim from the flu virus are:

1 – Thorough hygiene:

- Wash your hands or disinfect them after every time you touch something that could have been touched by someone else.

- Gargle with salt water, a mouth wash, or your favorite alcoholic hard liquor

- Sip hot tea throughout the day (ginger tea will keep you warm and strengthen your lungs while making the viruses fall from your throat to your stomach instead of your lungs, where they dissolve in your digestive juices).

- Systematically decontaminate your living space by spraying or wiping hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, or alcohol on surfaces.

- Repeal and kill the airborne germs and viruses by keeping an essential oil diffuser going at all time with a mix of disinfecting oils of your choice. You can pick your favorite scents, they all have antiseptic properties. The most recommended and most common are: thyme, eucalyptus, mint, oregano, bay laurel and lavender, which are also beneficial to your lungs. Being pleasant to smell, they also enhance your immune system by contributing to a better mood and a higher spirit, which brings down your adrenalin level and raises your serotonin level.

2 – Keep yourself healthy in order to create more serotonin, the hormone of good health, and lessen adrenaline, which feeds diseases.

- With fresh, good and healthy nutrition (but be careful not to overeat and overload your system, which creates more adrenaline as a result – quality over quantity always).

- With plenty of rest and satisfying sleep. Do take naps as often as possible.

- By staying mentally uplifted and emotionally calm. Turn the emotionally upsetting TV bombardment off. Listen to calming and pleasant music. Take walks in nature or go sit under a tree a least once a day even if it is just in your own backyard.

- By keeping warm.

- By taking advantage of social distancing and by indulging in consuming garlic and onions and other spices (viruses and bacteria hate them). They strengthen and clean your blood.

- By eating fermented foods or taking probiotics – Cultivate a strong population of good bacteria in your guts. They will chase out naturally any bad bacteria that is trying to invade your organism. You will need them if you need to take antibiotics to fight a secondary infection brought by the flu.

3 - Stay at home: In times of contagion, in order to block further contamination, it is important to prevent the virus to spread and to contain it right where it develops. If you must go out for grocery shopping or other indispensable activities, protect yourself and others by following this protocol, using your favorite disinfectants on, in and around yourself.

- When going to a specific store think of minimizing the general traffic and consult your neighbors and friends and family members living nearby if they need something from that same store. It is now simple and easy to make transactions through phones and you can deliver to their door while respecting distancing. This will also help to build the circle of support we all need when we get sick and unable to take care of ourselves.

Viruses are the agents of death, but not the executioners. There are universal laws to be respected. Police force agents are not supposed to execute the people they arrest. However, something that can kill infected people is their own defense reaction to the viruses. Don’t resist arrest, or suffer the possible harsh consequences. High fever is the natural resistance to viral infections. High fever comes as an attempt to chase the invading viruses, which reproduce only in the coolest, well ventilated areas of your throat, nasal passages, and eventually invade your lungs. If you, the host, are weak, your own fever might kill you before it can get rid of all the viruses. So, it is imperative if you already have weak lungs to neutralize the virus as early as possible before it can reproduce deeper in your system.

However, the real executioners are the bacteria attracted by the mucus created by the reproducing viruses. Bacteria are much bigger than viruses, there are very much alive, and they do have a big appetite! They come as an opportunistic secondary infection to start to eat up the dying host. In case of the flu, the executioners that end up killing the victims of COVID-19 are the bacteria that create pneumonia that, in turn, eats up the infected lungs full of mucus that has already weakened the host by reducing his breathing capacity. Conventional antibiotics can kill these bacteria, but if the lungs are already obstructed with too much mucus, the host could choke to death before all the bacteria are killed.

There is only one way: don’t let the flu infection incubate in your system long enough to create a bronchitis that can easily turn into a possibly deadly pneumonia.


What are techniques to avoid getting the virus and to neutralize it if you catch it?

1 – Distancing: We are social beings. The only way to be efficient in keeping a safe distance and avoiding contamination is to first enhance your communication skills by improving your clarity of expression, and to use sign language and electronics the best way you can. In times of pandemics we need to talk without touching.

However, the flu virus is so small and so light that it is airborne and can travel long distances and is able to pass through and contaminate the very fine mesh of masks and scarves easily, especially when your mask has been moistened by your own breath. Put an antiseptic on yourself, your mask, and in your throat (put a drop of mint essential oil in some honey or on a candy and suck on it). Also, no virus, mold or other airborne microbe can survive a good quality Cologne or essential oil. The scent, made of the most vital principles of plants, creates an effective anti-viral protective barrier around you.

2 – The flu virus cannot survive a disinfected, well oxygenated and sunny environment. So, use and keep improving true hygiene: ventilate your house regularly and keep diffusing essentials oils in all rooms. Be mindful that the appearance of cleanliness is not enough. Be efficient in helping the eradication of the contamination. Carry some kind of disinfectant on yourself, be it alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide based, cologne, diluted essential oils in alcohol, hand-wash, or just plain white vinegar, in a spray or other practical container to make it available at all moments you touch something that could have been touched by someone else.

3 – Nutrition: less bulk but more vital food. Quality over quantity, cooked or raw. Less or no starch, more fresh fruits and greens, less animal protein but still enough to satisfy your appetite. Add vitamin C up to 1 to 3 gr daily (1, 000 to 3, 000 mg.)

4 – Your chemistry matters the most: it does not matter how alkaline your diet is, if you are under stress, if you are not able to eat slowly, if you have a hard time to get a satisfying sleep at night, chances are that your adrenaline level is running too high, triggering the production of cortisol and you are attracting viruses.

Don’t panic. Avoid excess adrenalin in your blood. Turn off your emotionally upsetting TV and get to the news you want directly by searching the internet. The added adrenalin in your system with your being upset contributes to the acidic environment the virus needs to develop and thrive.

Cultivate serotonin production by doing the Sunning Practice and by staying positive and keeping good thoughts in mind. Serotonin inhibits the production of adrenaline and promotes the production of endorphins. Endorphins are peptides which activate the body's opiate receptors, causing a welcomed analgesic effect against the body’s aches and other physical discomforts caused by COVID-19. Watch funny movies. Have casual conversations with friends over the phone. Have joke cracking sessions. Go in the sun and open air, walk slowly in nature even if it is just in your back yard. Take your mind away from upsetting news and be proactive in setting up your life the best possible.

• Do any kind of deep breathing exercise to hyper oxygenate your blood for just a couple of minutes every so often. Train to breathe out completely by breathing out several times without inhaling, and then take in a deep in-breath. Use the recorded Breathing Chi-Kung guided practices.

Go to bed early and stay in bed as late as possible. Reverse insomnia with Sleeping Chi-Kung and the Bone Dreaming Meditation.

• Take naps.

Go for the home remedies to destroy the virus during the incubation period with natural antiseptics so it cannot develop and reproduce. This can include a combination of the following:

- Drink ginger, eucalyptus or thyme tea with the fresh od dried herbs (the steam coming out of the simmering tea will also help disinfect the air)

- Gargle

- Breathe directly through your mouth and nose a mix of warmed up essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme and mint from a pot of hot water or an essential oil diffuser for a few minutes at a time.

5 – Practice with people around you. This information is healing for everyone using it. The more people disinfect their environment, the less virus will be around. Stop the contagion and spread healing around you by sharing what you know.


If you feel like you are getting the flu symptoms

Feeling tired and weak, body aches, headaches, sore throat, running a fever, sneezing and coughing.…

You still can neutralize the virus within your system and prevent it from spreading to your lungs, or neutralize it there if you are already coughing. Gargling with your favorite alcoholic liquor or just salt water.

- Use cologne or essential oils on yourself and throughout your house

- Spray or diffuse essential oils to disinfect yourself and your house: eucalyptus, thyme, mint, oregano, rosemary, bay laurel, lavender… Most oils have antiseptic properties. Even just boiling eucalyptus leaves in an open pot over your stove will do it.

- Take some good quality vitamin C, up to 5 gr. Daily (5 000 mg)

- Take 1 dose of the homeopathic remedy oscillococcinum 3x daily for 3 days

- If available in Asian food stores or health food stores: Reishi mushroom extract or white ginseng from Wisconsin in powder (1/4 teaspoon early afternoon after nap)

- Grapefruit seed extract

- Yin Chiao pills

- Drink hot ginger tea (thinly sliced or shredded fresh ginger into boiling water)

- Make yourself sweat. If your break a sweat, you stop the fever.

- Use a sauna or a blanket while drinking ginger tea until you sweat.

- Steam your throat, nasal passages and lungs for 20 minutes 3 x daily by breathing over a hot pot of water with a mix of eucalyptus, thyme and mint essential oils.


If you got this information too late and you have been contaminated for already a week or so, and you feel like you are not getting better, that means that you will probably get worse.

• Enhance and apply systematically the above daily protocol.

• Inhale hot steam with essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme and mint 20 minutes at a time three times daily.

• Take oscillococcinum 3 x daily. Yin Chiao 2 x daily and/or any other kind of adaptogens.

• Make yourself sweat by drinking hot ginger tea, use a hot blanket or sauna until you break a sweat, expulsing toxins and dead viruses. Your fever will go down rapidly.

• Stay in bed. Stay warm. Take the time to recover.

• Avoid a relapse from exposure.

Hospitals are already overwhelmed by the excess number of people seeking shelter and medical attention. In addition, all they can do there is to keep you under observation and feed you the worst diet while being quarantined with a bunch of other infected people. Now remember that hospitals cannot give you home remedies and they are unable to provide you with the diet you will need to recover. So, it will be much better for you, and for them, to prepare yourself to stay at home.


But what to do if you get so sick and so weak that you are unable to take care of yourself?

For that matter you need to build a good network of support by connecting neighbors, a circle of friends and family members on which you can count to take care of each other. Tell them your plan. If you or one of them gets sick, keep an eye on each other and provide each other with daily needs in matter of care and nutrition. You have to build that network of people able to assist each other before you get too weak to ask for help. Use your phone, use the internet, establish a circle of relationship to check on each other on a regular basis. During such times of crisis, humanity naturally comes forward from people. We need to enhance this natural capacity to evolve our social skills toward being helpful, supportive and more humane with each other. This will eventually make human consciousness evolve naturally toward a better future.

• Stay connected with your personal medical doctor. Choose someone among your circle of support to be your health care advocate and keep the communication open between you, your doctor, the possibilities of accessing assisted medical care and your health insurance. You might need to give them power of attorney. Paperwork and red tapes become exhausting and quite impossible to face when sick and incapacitated. Ask your health advocate to record all phone conversations and to archive all written messages so you can have access to them for review. A good health advocate can easily become your saving archangel among all the helping angels around you.

• Make a list of the kind of food you want, cooked the way you like. You will probably lose all your appetite for several days. So, prepare to eat minimally but vitally. Consume superfoods like green algae, maca, ginseng, multivitamins, and other such products. Call and consult with your local health food stores.

• While taking the antibiotics that your doctor will prescribe to fight secondary infections like bronchitis or pneumonia, start taking probiotics to support your digestive system and a healthy population of bacteria in your guts. Continue taking the probiotics after the end of the medical prescriptions until your bowel movement is restored to a satisfying volume and consistency.

• Rely on blended soups and fortified drinks or smoothies. Make chicken stock with vegetables and blend it so it is easy to drink and to dilute it if your appetite goes down.

At the end of this letter you will find my great-grand-mother’s famous 7 vegetables longevity soup recipe, how to make the ginger tea and the famous French Grog, and how to very easily make your own probiotics with home-made fermented veggies.


How to recover from being so sick for so long.

Invest in yourself. Plan to never get sick again.

• Consult a reliable health consultant: A recommended health care practitioner, naturopath, nutritionist or other. Find someone who has a true holistic approach and works with your specific needs rather than giving you a standard protocol. You are not standard.

- Get tested to find out what you are specifically lacking in your system (blood panel, stool analysis, hair tests, etc…)

- Follow your own appetite in terms of quantity and quality. Smell your food. If it is not appetizing don’t eat it. Maybe it is not the right moment for it. Your body might want it at another time or prepared differently.

- It is important to understand that every part of you is as tired as you are. This has to be respected. Don’t overload with activities, food or supplements.

- Don’t eat or drink anything ice cold. Your body will have to bring it up to body’s temperature in order to digest it.

- Keep getting plenty of rest. Most of healing can only happen during sleep.

- Build your Sunning practice to enhance your serotonin production. Serotonin, the healing hormone of awakening and alertness turns into melatonin at night, the hormone of the deep recovering sleep.



To enhance recuperation from being sick

Recipe for 7 Vegetable Soup for Health and Longevity


Gilles Marin's Great-Grandmother’s Famous Longevity Soup

1 medium size leek

1/3 celery

1 large piece of banana squash or a small butternut squash or any other squash

2 turnips with greens if still fresh or a golden beet

3 carrots with greens if still fresh (take out the tough parts of the stems)

1 bunch swiss chard

Chopped parsley

• Chop veggies, put them in a big pot

• Add a teaspoon of pure sea salt (not regular table salt that contains sugar (dextrose) and heavy metals)

• Top with water (or chicken or beef stock, or bone broth) and bring to boil

• Reduce the heat and let simmer until thoroughly cooked (carrots are soft)

• Blend with a hand blender for five minutes or until completely liquified

• It should be fairly thick and ready to jar or to freeze

When reheating:

• Dilute either with water, or broth of choice, including bone broth

• Adjust salt to taste

• Serve hot with fresh chopped parsley on top or add some thyme while reheating to help digest better.

You can make variations by the day or by the person by adding in individual bowls any of the following:

Black pepper

Red pepper

Olive oil or a piece of butter

Some aioli (basil and garlic mayonnaise)

Some persillade (chopped garlic and parsley)

Some grated cheese (Pecorino Romano is my favorite)

Garlic croutons (rub a clove of garlic on toast, sprinkle some olive oil, and break the toast in small pieces and voilà!)

Left-over cooked meat

Grounded raw meat directly put at the bottom of the serving plate (only when served hot enough to cook the meat)

A dropped raw egg (only when served hot enough to cook the egg)

Or whatever else your appetite is calling for.

You can jar the soup and keep it for several days in the fridge and freeze what you won’t use during the week.


Ginger tea is a very good and safe adaptogen to drink throughout the day to keep you warm and strengthen your lungs. If you have a fever, make it very strong, drink it as hot as possible, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and keep drinking it until you break a sweat. Your fever will start to go down within the hour.

For 4 cups of water

Slice thinly a piece of ginger the size of your thumb

Bring to boiling point, cover with a lid, and let simmer for 20 minutes

Drink hot as is or with honey to taste.


The grog in France is the most traditional home remedy against catching a cold or a flu. You can even order it in bars anywhere in the country.

A grog can be done with ginger tea as the base or just hot water.

Drink right before going to bed.

For 1 cup of hot water or ginger tea

The juice of ½ a lemon

1 teaspoon of good quality honey

1 shot of rum – or other hard liquor. Choose something of quality, not grain, corn or potato-based alcohol tainted with glyphosate (Roundup)

Drink while hot

Go to bed.


You can ferment all kinds of vegetables. Experiment! Start with your favorite kind. You can make one kind at a time, or you can mix them. Then, try the vegetables you don’t really like. Being fermented, they change taste and you might like them that way.

You need a big glass jar or a pickling jar available here, to ferment all your vegetables together, and a few smaller jars for ease of consummation.

Vegetables: small cucumbers, young carrots, radishes, turnips, artichoke hearts, green beans, asparagus, okra, pearl onions, garlic cloves, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc.…

Spices: lemon (falls between vegetable and spice), garlic, thyme, rosemary, laurel, cilantro seeds, juniper, caraway, dill, fennel, anis, mustard seeds, dry red pepper, black pepper, white pepper, clove… So many different spices. Choose according to your taste, and then, experiment…

Salt: Use a fine grain pure sea salt. Don’t use common table salt, it is a poison. Its second ingredient after pure sodium is dextrose, which is a refined sugar from the corn industry (GMO, glyphosate). It also contain heavy metals (neurotoxins) as free flowing agents.

• Chop up or slice your vegetables about a bite size, or use whole if small and young.

• Put them in a mixing bowl with a fair amount of salt. Not too much either, just bout twice the amount you would normally use for cooking. Add your spices of choice and be extremely generous for the amount. Spicing will prevent molds to corrupt your fermentation.

• Fill up your jar tightly and let it sit around at room temperature for a couple of hours. Vegetables will start to reduce and their juices start accumulating at the bottom. Pack up with more veggies and top up with water. Add an extra teaspoon of salt.

• Don’t close the jar. Cover with a plate just to protect the content, but let it breathe.

• Put a plate at the bottom to collect the overflow of water that will come during fermentation.

• Wait for two days and taste a piece of vegetable. I like my fermented vegetables still crunchy so I usually give them only three days. After five days they become softer. It depends of the king of vegetables: artichoke heart will need longer than asparagus, and depends mostly of your taste. The longer they stay in brine the more fermented and softer they’ll get. The maximum time I left mine is five days.

• Drain the vegetables in a colander but don’t rinse off the juices.

• Put in smaller jars, sprinkle with your favorite olive oil, add more or different spices (some people like to add some vinegar (I don’t). close the jars tightly, give them a shake and put them in the bottom of your refrigerator where you can keep them for a year or so.

• Start another batch.

Enjoy and be well!

Gilles Marin


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