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Practitioner Certification

Why Learn Chi Nei Tsang?

New certification program as of July 2021

Gilles Marin's School of TaoTouch®


Gilles has instated a new comprehensive program for certification. Instead of varying levels, there is now just one certification. This simplifies things while ensuring that certified practitioners have enough proficiency to be trusted in the field. Students are welcome to come to all classes a la carte; however no certification will be granted until the complete Healing From Within level.
All it takes is 2 month-long retreats, or complete at your own pace.


There will be Advanced (Continuing Education) classes for those wanting deeper training beyond regular certification, and there is now  an Advanced TaoTouch CNT certificate available. There is also an Instructor level pathway.

Certification Renewal required every 2 years.

See our newly updated Teaching Program Outline here.

Case Study Form

Treatments Received Form

Sample Release Form

Note #1: Each class must be taken twice. Why twice?

Hands-on Classes - Fundamentals, Global Body, Advanced:
• One of each hands-on class may be taught by any certified TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang instructor.
The other one must be taught by Gilles.


Online Classes - (TaoTouch Chi Kung, Fusion, Biology of Consciousness):
• One of the two classes has to be attended live online (not recordings).

Note #2: Students who had already begun their certification process prior to September 2020 may continue with the previous program of 3 levels.


Note #3: Students who have completed the Chi Nei Tsang 1 course with Master Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao System, including certified practitioners, get one TaoTouch Chi Kung Basics class and one Fundamentals of TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang class validated for TaoTouch/CNTI certification. More info here.



TaoTouch® CNT Certification

All classes required twice for certification.

TaoTouch Chi Kung/Extraordinary Chi Kung can be taken either online and/or in person.


In Person:


Independent Study

  • Required reading as assigned

  • 50 documented case studies (10 clients x 5 sessions each - one person can be self-treatment)

  • 10 documented personal CNT treatments from certified practitioners

  • Signed business and ethics forms

  • Demonstrated understanding of how to teach self care and chi kung practices to clients

  • Demonstrated understanding of Gilles Marin's Holistic Healing Code

  • Proof of liability insurance (we recommend ABMP professional or student insurance)


Advanced TaoTouch® CNT Certification


Advanced class required 3 times

In Person

Independent Study

50 documented case studies (10 clients x 5 sessions each)


Teaching TaoTouch® Chi Nei Tsang

We not only allow but encourage students at all levels to teach what they learned during their TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang - Healing From Within classes to individual and small groups.


  • Agree to explain to clients about a true holistic approach vs conventional allopathic approach to health care, and to differentiate TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang from other disciplines.  

  • Start training your personal clients in directed self-help practices.



To become a certified teacher it is required that you be accepted as a TaoTouch CNT Teacher’s Assistant with Gilles, twice for each in person class, at any location including retreats:

  • Twice TA Fundamentals classes

  • Twice TA Global Body classes

  • Please contact us for additional requirements

Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Certification

Certification Renewal

*Documented Case Studies - 10 clients x 5 treatments each.
Click here to get the Case Study Form. Then download to your computer. Once it's on your computer, you will want to rename the file.


Duplicate the original file first to log each new session. You can fill in the forms on your computer. You may also print copies, but they must be submitted digitally. No paper submissions accepted. You can even take photos of each form if you hand write them. Let us know if you have any technical issues.


*10 Chi Nei Tsang treatments received:
Proof with signature by practitioners. These treatments have to be given and signed by either a certified TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, or received under the supervision of a one, and signed both by practitioner and supervisor during private classes or during specially scheduled times during TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang classes and clinical practices. If treatments are from the past, please have the practitioner send us a verification email.
Download Treatments Received Form here


Note, in regards to Mantak Chia's UHT Certifications:


Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals Level class is a common trunk with Master Chia's Universal Healing Tao CNT1 certification program for the title of CNT1 Practitioner. It is recognized and certified on demand by M. Chia. All other levels taught at the CNT Institute other than CNT Fundamentals (ie. Global Body and Advanced) are materials of the TaoTouch® approach only, a specialization of Gilles Marin's School of TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang. Those levels are not cross-referential with Master Chia's program.


People certified as a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner by Master Chia’s Universal Healing Tao are required to take one full Fundamentals of TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang workshop including the 2 days preparatory Chi Kung in order to be accepted into the TaoTouch CNTI certification program.


Click here for more info on the relation between TaoTouch®/Chi Nei Tsang Institute and Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao System.

Master Mantak Chia, Universal Healing Tao

Master Mantak Chia


Repeat Classes:

Each core class is required twice to encourage practice, fine tuning, ensure more complete internalization of material and further develop your extension of healing chi. Classes are never the same twice as different things are addressed, the class group changes, and you grow between sessions as well! Additional benefits of taking a class again:


  • Go to a much deeper level of understanding of TaoTouch CNT principles

  • Deepen your own healing process

  • Get feedback from and share experience with other students

  • Practice on and learn from new bodies

  • Fulfill certification requirements

  • Renew your certification (required within 2 years of your certification)

  • Directly experience Gilles’ presence and touch

  • Give more effective sessions

  • Help people with a wider range of symptoms

  • Make lasting connections with other Chi people!

Advanced Chi Nei Tsang - spinal vertebrae adjustment

"This was my third time taking the Global Body course.
Every time I attend each course, I learn more, more about technique, about myself and about life.
By repeating the courses, understanding and experience deepens.

For things to mature, it takes time. And after several years of practice, I know there’s no short cut to mature the practice of Chi Nei Tsang. And I get this message from Gilles: 'take your time.'


In modern times where speed is considered good, I think this is a valuable attitude. Then we can really enjoy the present moment and the juice of life is hidden in those very present moments.  

Thank you, Gilles!"

~ Shizuka, Certified TaoTouch® CNT Practitioner/Instructor from Tokyo, Japan

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