"This is true healing in a sea of snake oil sellers."

- Scotty P.

"Chi Nei Tsang changed my life. Many of my clients are changed by this beautiful practice of healing. Gilles is the best. Thank you everybody at the Institute!"

- Carol M.

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"Gilles Marin is an incredibly good teacher, his workshops gave me big insights and many techniques to work with. He teaches CNT in a very profound way and a workshop with him will be the best step on your way to become a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner! 100% recommended!"


- Julian W.

"Chi Nei Tsang/TaoTouch is the finest, most powerful healing modality in the world, period. Gilles Marin of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and TaoTouch, has remarkably taken it to a whole new level. In my opinion, he is by far the best, THE NUMBER ONE MASTER practitioner/teacher of Chi Nei Tsang in the world. Chi Nei Tsang in itself is so powerful that indigenous peoples, Hawaiians, have told me 'This is the abdominal work we have lost'.  


In my personal experience of the world of healing- healing schools, books, trainings, including the best and most famous- plus ancient wisdom shamanism, nothing comes close to the power of Gilles’ hands-on sessions, writings and teachings. 


Beyond even that, I believe Gilles has taken it to a whole new level, a truly life changing and world changing level. In addition, he is a delightfully inspiring human being."


- Elandra K. Meredith


"I've been studying with Gilles for almost 15 years and it has been some of the most profoundly life changing work that I've done for myself and for my community. I would recommend the classes to anyone!"

- Arianna G.

"This school changes lives! I am certain that my path is forever changed in very important ways due to this very important training."

- Gabrielle Z.

"I first came upon Chi Nei Tsang and Gilles Marin at the turn of the century, quite literally. My life has been forever changed and I am grateful for the wisdom healing practices Gilles brings to Taoism and to the community. I had a Tai Chi practice previous to meeting Gilles, but quite honestly, Chi Nei Tsang put me on a trajectory with Qigong which continues to inform my journey in this life every day. It is a true blessing!"


- Maureen Davison



"I am continuing to feel the benefits from the workshop... the lightness and being happy like I haven't in a couple of years. Thanks to you and all that attended the class."

- Heidi G.


"I woke up this morning feeling quite refreshed and inspired after the weekend anatomy course. It was by far my favorite class of Gilles so far! It could have been the timing for me but this class really brought things together in a whole new way--my mind is blown!"

- Lindsay W.


"I loved it and learned a lot!  Looking forward to expanding awareness through this amazing stream of practical wisdom!"

- Sergio


"I have been a student and assistant to Gilles on and off for 18 years. My life has changed through this work and I have become a better person. Working on the viscera is profound and puts you in touch with part of yourself that sometimes we lose touch with. I recommend it to everyone and anyone. It helps one on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

I can honestly say that Gilles is one of the best teachers I have ever experienced and Tiffiny is incredible too.

This is a small school that has been run by mostly students for over 25 years. The core, classes, products and Gilles teachings make it special. Check it out!"

- Aurora B.


"I recommend Gilles very enthusiastically!  Before I first saw Gilles, another person (who, like Gilles, is a student of Mantak Chia) told me that Gilles has surpassed even Master Chia. I found treatment by Gilles uniquely, unbelievably astonishing.  


I then took a class Gilles taught. Gilles is a superb teacher with profound wisdom, mastery, and heart; I loved the class and very much look forward to more! Gilles is the real deal."

- Coyote S.


"I've been studying with Gilles and The Chi Nei Tsang Institute for over 10 years. I'm happy to say that through this work, my life has dramatically transformed and I can't imagine where I would be without it. I am deeply grateful for the experiences  and community it has put me in touch with globally as well as locally.

Most importantly, I am grateful for the way that it's helped me to make changes in my inner world. The practices that I've learned through contact with The Chi Nei Tsang institute have helped me maintain and continue those changes as well as helped me help others to do the same. Wholeheartedly recommend!"

- David H.

"Chi Nei Tsang opened avenues for healing and insight I had not imagined existed. I had a surgery when I was 21 that left a six inch scar on the left side of my abdomen and resulted in, first, sciatic pain, and, later, a twist in my pelvis that had a "global body attitude."


My first session with Gilles had such a profound impact that I began training, intuiting that this was the way forward. The healing perspective and visceral energetic component feed into everything I do.


The community of practitioners around CNT is strong, especially in the California area. My advice to people on the training course is to constantly return to the fundamentals and to build community--sharing trades as often as possible-- as you build a personal practice and personal capacity. Very best to all on the journey."


- Geoff K.


"My experience with Gilles and Chi Nei Tsang has been life-changing! Powerful work by a powerful healing master. After several decades of personal growth, psychology, spiritual inquiry, I am now finally getting to the root issues through this amazing work. And I am feeling so empowered in the process. Can't recommend this highly enough!"

- Anrahyah A.

"Attending the Advanced CNT class has immensely deepened my ability to help clients with their healing. I now have what feels like an intrinsic understanding of how to bring people into their healing field using my presence, touch and, less importantly, my words.

I’m grateful for the elegant way Gilles taught that felt like a spiral that became deeper and richer throughout the four days. By the end of the workshop, after listening to Gilles, playing with qigong and practicing on the table, I walked away even more excited to practice CNT. Each component of the class complemented the other. I can’t wait to take the advanced class again next year for even more depth."


- Kelly A.



"Gilles, Thank you for your teaching at the Advanced Practitioners’ workshop last week. I learned so much! Each advanced workshop helps me to get to a deeper level in my understanding of Chi Nei Tsang. Now the sessions I am giving are more effective and deeper and I am more in touch than before. The opportunity to learn with other practitioners gives me the experience and feedback that I need to keep growing as a practitioner. It’s so easy to level off with what I know. 


Our workshop was much more than a review. You helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the essence and foundation of Chi Nei Tsang. Moment by moment I felt more connected and responsive to each person I worked on.  My experience of receiving CNT from other practitioners, the detailed directions you gave, and the questions and feedback sessions:  all are coming together for me. I feel transformed!"


- Karen P.


"This is a great form of massage. The classes and style are fantastic for anyone interested in healing work and bodywork. They also have outstanding practitioners for people who just want to receive the work. Gilles is of course magic (and the big name here to see). Who knew that having your belly rubbed could be so powerful!"

- Anne M.




"I took this class to renew my certificate. It was a new class for me and I was pleasantly surprised. It was taught in a different way from other classes I had received in my Chi Nei Tsang training, now called TaoTouch.


Before, there were specific techniques and teachings we needed to learn, understand, and practice.  Often, I felt that I did not fully understand what was being taught, even with taking the classes 2 times, but we had to move on to the next part.  I liked the new style of teaching very much. I feel I absorbed much more.


It seemed the class was more of an open flow with the ideas, meditations, chi kung, being repeated in a way that we kept coming back around to gain deeper understanding.

Healing comes from within, Gilles repeats over and over and this class showed/reminded us of the importance of that. The retreat was a place where that healing process began to drop deeper and deeper into each of us.


Cold Springs is a beautiful, healing and healthy retreat center. A wonderful place for future TaoTouch retreats. The accommodations are excellent, and the setting was wonderful. It is on 3 acres backing up to the hills in the east, and looking out over the valley towards west.


The owner, Darin, was very helpful and present, doing what he could to make each person feel very comfortable. His energy and thoughtfulness was in every aspect of the place. Darin is very conscious of making the lightest possible footprint at the retreat center with recycling/compost, composting toilet, water saving features,  dishes, silverware and mugs, etc. There are flowers, fruit trees, berries and vegetables interspersed with pathways and are now starting to produce. It is nice to walk through the plantings enjoying nature.


The food was amazing! Everyone’s food considerations were accounted for. I could not believe the effort and consciousness that was put into all the meals and the creativity of the food.  The food was delicious.


- Nancy Belton, September 2019


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Biology of Consciousness retreat. It has given me a whole new perspective on the workings of my inner landscape. It has allowed me to be more calm in challenging situations and more balanced overall. Thank you Gilles!!"


- Declan King


"The Biology of Consciousness class is one of a kind! Gilles bridges the philosophy behind the Five Elements to Western minds. Like many Western students, I’ve struggled to really let the genius of Chinese medicine take root in me. These few days in Biology of Consciousness has given us all a much richer experience of the Forces, taking it beyond theory to practical knowledge."


- Ellie Davis



"I feel that the Biology of Consciousness has changed my life and is certainly the answer to my prayers. 


Over the past few years on my healing journey, I have slowly become aware of what I believed to be the destructive and relentless thought tendencies of my mind, and it brought me into the grips of utter despair.  I didn’t know how I could continue to live like this, and yet despite having tried all kinds of meditation and yoga techniques over the years, I had no idea what to do about it and did not think it could change. 


In just 5 days with Gilles, it felt like being transported to a space of very deep and ancient knowing, and I learned or was reminded of the deeper language of my being – the ways my various intelligences (and not just my rational mind!) communicates.  I learned about so many new parts of my being that had been running the show, but I had no conscious awareness of, and I gained a deep, deep respect for the purpose each played in my life and my family line.  It was like being reminded of a secret that all of me already knew, but my mind was the last to catch up on. 


What was presented – and especially the experiential nature of the class – was a profound relief to my system.  By the final day, I felt a greater peace come through me than I have ever known.  What I love about this class and Gilles’ teaching is that it is timeless, strikes a profound chord of resonance in my body, and that unlike all the previous teachings I received before this one, which gave me some good advice but never actually showed me how to implement it – this training seamlessly provided both the wisdom AND the ability to access it, right here and now. 


Gilles’ guidance contained transmissions that I could feel setting into place new neural pathways that I will forevermore be able to walk down by myself.  I could not be more grateful, and I do believe these to be among the most profound days of my life. 


If you are drawn to this course, it must mean you are ready for it and the chance to experience a profoundly deep level of healing – and remembering."


-  Yaeli Moonrise, Crete Retreat, July 2019


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