Certification Renewal Program

for Certified Practitioners

In line with other healing modalities such as acupuncture, nursing and massage therapy, The Chi Nei Tsang Institute is now implementing a continuing education program for certified Chi Nei Tsang Practitioners within Gilles Marin's School of TaoTouch.


CNT practitioners who wish to continue being certified by us will need to fulfill the following requirements in order to stay listed as a current provider in our Practitioner Directory. We receive many phone calls and emails from people looking for practitioner recommendations in their areas. We need to ensure those on our directory are active CNT providers in good standing with recent updated training.


Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Certificates for any level of certification older than two years require renewal by meeting continued education requirements as listed below. This must be completed every two years.


Updated Requirement - Any one of the following:

  • Biology of Consciousness course - 5 days

  • Fundamentals of CNT with its 2 days Chi-Kung (Taoist Chi Kung) - 7 days

  • Somato-Emotional CNT  with its 2 days Chi-Kung (Fusion) - 7 days

  • Global Body Attitude CNT with its 2 days Chi-Kung (Space & Boundaries Chi Kung) - 7 days

  • Advanced Chi Nei Tsang course (4 days)

  • Summer Retreat (full or partial)

  • TA Assistantship is strongly encouraged! Contact us to inquire.

Certification Renewal classes can be taken alternatively or cumulatively in any order. For example you can come for both Biology of Consciousness and Somato-Emotional CNT in the same month and be cleared for 4 years.

See our current Class Schedule here.
Questions? Contact us now.


Please note, in regards to Mantak Chia's UHT Certifications:


Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals Level certification is a common trunk with Master Chia's Universal Healing Tao CNT1 certification program for the title of CNT1 Practitioner. It is recognized and certified on demand by M. Chia. All other levels taught at the CNT Institute other than CNT Fundamentals (ie. Somato-Emotional and Global Body) are materials of the TaoTouch approach only, a specialization of Gilles Marin's School of Chi Nei Tsang. Those levels are not cross-referential with Master Chia's program.


People certified as a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner by Master Chia’s Universal Healing Tao are required to take one full Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals workshop including the 2 days preparatory Taoist Chi Kung in order to be granted the title of Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner in Gilles Marin's School of TaoTouch.


Click here for more info on the relation between the Chi Nei Tsang Institute/TaoTouch and Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao System.

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