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Continuing Education in Chi Nei Tsang

Advanced Chi Nei Tsang Classes for Active CNT Practitioners

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Crete Summer 2024

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Advanced Chi Nei Tsang classes with Gilles Marin

Gilles Marin is now offering the most advanced Chi Nei Tsang classes you can find anywhere. These classes are designed to fulfill the need of professionals who want to upgrade their Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang skills on an ongoing basis. Classes are set by themes and comprise lectures, hands-on techniques, corresponding functional meditations and Chi Kung, change of lifestyle, use of specific Classical Chinese herb formulas and other helpers to further evolve your skill set and your career in wellness.


These workshops are only open to active CNT Practitioners. They have a two-fold purpose: transmitting Gilles' most up to date knowledge about Chi Nei Tsang techniques, and developing a solid network of connected Taoist Healing Energetic practitioners and teachers doing Chi Nei Tsang from Gilles' lineage in the Western Hemisphere.


Gilles teaches advanced techniques that address:


  • pericardial release in the chest

  • patterns of tension in the pelvic, sacral cavity and lower abdominal areas

  • hiatal hernia with reflux and chronic anxiety

  • colo-rectal colitis

  • prostate health

  • pelvic inflammatory symptoms

  • post-surgical bowel obstructions including paralytic ileus and adhesions

  • spinal CNT on the back, working with intervertebral soft tissues

  • addiction recovery

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • hypo-glycemia and diabetes

  • women's issues including menstrual pain, endometriosis and fibroid tumors

  • pregnancy, fertility, preparation for and recovery from childbirth

  • working with infants and children

Check our class schedule for upcoming workshops and retreats.

"Attending the Advanced CNT class has immensely deepened my ability to help clients with their healing. I now have what feels like an intrinsic understanding of how to bring people into their healing field using my presence, touch and, less importantly, my words. I’m grateful for the elegant way Gilles taught that felt like a spiral that became deeper and richer throughout the four days. By the end of the workshop, after listening to Gilles, playing with qigong and practicing on the table, I walked away even more excited to practice CNT. Each component of the class complemented the other. I can’t wait to take the advanced class again next year for even more depth."

- Kelly Amstadt, Certified CNT Practitioner


“I have found the Advanced Practitioner  Workshop with Gilles to be invaluable. My understanding of Chi Nei Tsang and my ability to help my clients has greatly increased. It’s been a rare and precious opportunity to meet and work with other practitioners!”

- Karen Pearle, Certified CNT practitioner


“I am very appreciative of the advanced class for practitioners.., there is an ease and confidence in everyone's touch that makes the class worthy of attending. The value of weaving a closer-knit group of professionals with similar philosophy and approach creates a camaraderie that is priceless."

-  Jak Noble, Certified CNT Practitioner/Instructor
“Discussion and practice with Gilles has been extremely useful. It brought insightful perspectives and precise guidance in the different practices. I highly recommend this series of workshops which reflects the evolution of Gilles's vision of healing.”

- Marie-Christine Cornet, Certified CNT Practitioner


Note from Gilles:


This is the time for a new gathering of the senior Chi Nei Tsang practitioners! Our project of building a more solid network of mutual support in between Chi Nei Tsang practitioners is slowly taking shape. I want to support everyone of you into improving your skills and professional capacities as well as helping you develop your teaching abilities if you choose to teach and transmit this wonderful modality of healing.  


I want to start implementing more systematically the mentorship program that some of you are already using by teaching your own self-help classes or study groups and helping students to meet their requirements for certification in terms of giving and receiving treatments while working on their case studies.  


Please join our group for training and networking. There is so much to teach and so much to learn!  Bring and share experience, questions, and participate to our growing healing community. Make your presence known by being a registered Taoist Healing Energetics practitioners of Chi Nei Tsang by meeting your continuing education needs with us. 


This will be the springboard for the writing of my third book on the Anatomy of Consciousness.  

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