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Teaching Program Outline

Updated May 2023

TaoTouch® Chi Nei Tsang Teaching Program with Gilles Marin

TaoTouch® Extraordinary Chi Kung Training



  • A true holistic approach to healing

  • Classical Taoist Cosmology

  • The Biology of Consciousness


Chi-Kung Practices

  • Bone Breathing Chi Kung

  • Earth Relationship Chi Kung

  • Warm-ups

  • Mapping the Energy Body

    • The Fountain of Life

    • The Six Healing Sounds and the Meridian System


  • External and internal extension of Chi

    • Golden Fish

    • Floating Golden Fish

    • The Empty Force exercises

    • Floating the Head

  • Sleeping Chi Kung

    • Turning in the senses

    • The 9 Turns and Sleeping Loop

Extraordinary Chi Kung Hands-on Techniques

  • The Extension of Chi

  • Exploration of breathing

  • Exploration of walking

  • Exploration of the emotional structures and emotional attitudes

  • Emotional digestion

  • The Emotional Structure of Dreamtime

Fundamentals of TaoTouch® Chi Nei Tsang

Personalization of healing treatments


Application of all of the above, plus:

Chi Kung Practices

  • Bone Packing

  • Healing Buddha Palms


Fundamentals Hands-on Techniques

  • Mapping the emotional body

  • Exploring emotional landscapes while addressing

  • Pancreas

  • Liver

  • Large Intestine

  • Lower abdomen

  • Wind Gates

  • 8 Quadrants of the abdomen


Global Body TaoTouch® Chi Nei Tsang

The changing emotional structure of the person


Application of all of the above, plus:



  • Taoism and the Ba-Kua

  • The Five Elemental Forces, their mental aspects, and their interactions

  • Surrendering to the 6 Conditions for Healing


Chi Kung Practices

  • Dreaming Chi Kung

    • Dream Commands

    • Dream translation


  • Space and Boundaries Chi Kung

Global Body Hands-on Techniques

  • Inducing Dreamtime Healing

  • Healing the structure of emotional fear

  • Healing the structure of anxiety

  • Healing the structure of chronic anger

  • Healing the structure of depression

  • Healing the structure of poor self-esteem

  • Healing emotional scars (traumas)



Advanced TaoTouch® Chi Nei Tsang

Healing through specific symptoms


Application of all of the above, plus:

Chi Kung Practices

  • Human Consciousness Fusion

  • Empty Force CK

  • Dreaming Chi-Kung

    • Dream Commands

    • Dream translation


Advanced Hands-on Techniques, in helping people heal from:

  • Asthma

  • Diabetes

  • Fibroids and Endometriosis

  • Cancer

  • Chronic lower back pain

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Vagus nerve issues (liquifying the spine)

  • Parkinson’s and other degenerative nerve symptoms

  • And more

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