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Our connection with Master Mantak Chia


A clarification on TaoTouch/Chi Nei Tsang Institute and our relation with Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao certifications:

During the Big Convention at the Tao Garden in 2012, Gilles had some long discussions with Master Chia about Gilles’ teaching of Chi Nei Tsang. Master Chia had a good point when he told Gilles that what he does not teach himself, Gilles can’t call Chi Nei Tsang, because students will ask Master Chia to teach that and he does not.

Gilles Marin, Master Practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang - Chi Kung - Qigong healing - abdominal massage

Master Chia and Gilles

So Gilles decided to call his specializations of Chi Nei Tsang “TaoTouch”.


Gilles will continue to teach and certify students at the fundamental level of Chi Nei Tsang (“CNT 1”), but to differentiate it from Master Chi’s teachings, everything else Gilles will certify as TaoTouch. 


This way Gilles can send his students to Master Chia to learn CNT 2 and CNT 3, and Master Chia’s students can come and learn to work more specially with the emotional aspects of CNT with Gilles’ Somato-Emotional CNT as well as special techniques for re-alignment of the internal organs and external structures with CNT and Global Body Attitude.


It is all Chi Nei Tsang, just taught from different specializations. Many practitioners can specialize and explore in different directions, growing more branches from the same common trunk of the fundamentals of CNT. This is the way of nature to keep anything alive and thriving. This is the law of evolution, The Way things are, the Tao.


Further clarification regarding certifications:


The foundation and prerequisites for studies with Gilles and all TaoTouch instructors will always be the Universal Healing Tao Basics and Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals as taught by Master Chia. Students who complete the Fundamentals Level of study with us can ask to receive a certificate of completion, and that certification continues to be fully recognized and reciprocated by the Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao.  

Those who have completed Mantak Chia/Universal Healing Tao's CNT 1 get one iteration of the two required classes accounted for if matriculating towards TaoTouch certification: TaoTouch Chi Kung Basics, and Fundamentals of CNT. They still need to take one of each of these classes with Gilles, to be introduced into the TaoTouch approach which differs somewhat from Master Chia's classes.


Following our Fundamental Level courses, students who continue their studies with Gilles Marin's TaoTouch will enter a new lineage, securely rooted in the teachings of Master Chia and the White Cloud Taoist tradition, while reaching outward like branches of a mighty tree toward new traditions of scholarship and inquiry. We envision TaoTouch as a field of study offering ongoing professional renewal and continuing education to support practitioners in every aspect of their work and personal development.


We invite you to contact us for more info and to register for upcoming classes with Gilles/TaoTouch today! :)

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