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"I've been studying with Gilles for over 15 years and it has been some of the most profoundly life-changing work that I've done for myself and for my community. I recommend the classes to anyone!" - Arianna G.

Human Potential FUSION Meditation

Sat-Sun, March 14-15, 2020

Instructor: Gilles Marin
$300 (2 for 1)

Developed by the now extinct White Cloud Taoist Monks, this practice is one of the highest forms of Taoist meditation. It helps you get in touch with the elemental forces within, cleanse out negative qualities and deep-seated emotions, strengthens your inner being and brings out your most ideal self. This guided exercise is designed towards systematic transformation through internal alchemy, so you can realize your ultimate human potential! More info here.

No prerequisites required. Open to beginners!


2 for 1 Special - Bring someone new to the practice and split the cost!
Repeat Fusioners: Return for your 3rd or more time for half price!
Note: Specials are based on full price of $300

at Cold Springs Retreat Center
1 hour North of SF/East Bay

option of residential or day visits

Taoist Chi Kung Basics
Mon-Tue, March 16-17, 2020
Instructor: Gilles Marin

$575 residential; $425 commuter

An immersion in the traditional Taoist energy enhancing practices of Chi Kung. These ancient methods powerfully harmonize all internal energy systems. You will learn the Microcosmic Orbit with its seven levels of individuation, Bone Breathing Chi Kung, Healing Buddha Palms, Sunning Meditations and other exercises. More info here.

This class is required class before Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang.

No prerequisites required. Open to beginners!


Fundamentals of Healing with Chi Nei Tsang

Wed-Sun, March 18-22, 2020

Instructor: Gilles Marin

$1375 residential; $1000 commuter

An introduction to Taoist medicine and the principles that have ruled Classical Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Learn practical use of Chi exercises (Chi-Kung) combined with the gentle manipulation of internal organs for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, well-being, disease prevention and longevity. Learn how to touch non-invasively, with specific techniques to effectively treat common health issues. More info.

Prerequisite: Taoist Chi Kung Basics

27 CEUs for NCBTMB & CA Acupuncture Board


Somato-Emotional Processing Chi Nei Tsang

Mon-Fri March 23-27, 2020

Instructor: Gilles Marin
$1375 residential; $1000 commuter
Special 10% discount for full March Retreat!

This 2nd level class teaches a complete method to release the deeply seated emotional charges that are at the root of major physical and mental symptoms. You will learn the six conditions for healing indispensable for releasing emotional charges, technical approaches used in CNT treatments, how the technical mastery and understanding of these principles put Chi Nei Tsang at the cutting edge of all existing healing modalities. More info here.
Prerequisites: Fundamentals of CNT & Fusion Meditation.
27 CEUs for NCBTMB & CA Acupuncture Board


France 2020
Chi Nei Tsang Healing with Gilles in the South of France
April 4-10, 2020
: Fundamentals of CNT
April 11-17, 2020: Somato-Emotional CNT

Taught in French.

Biology of Consciousness: One Mind, Five Intelligences
Anatomy/Physiology/Taoist Alchemy

Wed-Sun, MAY 13-17, 2020

Instructor: Gilles Marin

early bird by 3/1: $1200 residential; $825 commuter
after 3/1: $1375; $1000

This class uses the philosophical concepts of classical Taoism at the origin of traditional Chinese medicine to help clearly differentiate the whole mind into its five different major mental states extending from our biological make up. During this class you will learn to delineate your very specific mental zones which helps create mental space and quietness, free from mental conflict, and enhance appreciation, enjoyment and guidance in life!  More info here.

No prerequisites required. Open to beginners!

27 CEUs for NCBTMB & CA Acupuncture Board


Advanced Chi Nei Tsang
for Active CNT Practitioners
Mon-Thur, MAY 18-21, 2020

Instructor: Gilles Marin

early bird by 3/1: $975 residential; $675 commuter
after 3/1: $1175; $800 - Special 10% discount for full May Retreat!

Study Gilles' latest cutting edge approaches to CNT! Gather with other experienced practitioners to explore the nervous system, sleep, cerebral infirmities (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s), release of the pericardium/solar plexus, freeing of the mesentery, tracking the vagus nerve and more. More info here.
Prerequisite: Global Body CNT class; currently practicing

CEUs for NCBTMB & CA Acupuncture Board



Crete Retreat 2020
June 13 - July 19, 2020

Instructor: Gilles Marin

Pricing: Click here

Take the entirety of Gilles' TaoTouch program from beginning to end, or come for just a portion. 2020 will be the 3rd and best incarnation yet! This transformational retreat will teach you how to help others heal for real from within, as well as being a personal healing journey. At the amazingly beautiful Orizon Center for Life and Creation in Crete, Greece.

FALL 2020
at Cold Springs Retreat Center
Penngrove, CA

(1 hour north of SF/East Bay)

Sept 13-17: Biology of Consciousness (Sun-Thu)

Sept 19-20: Taoist Chi Kung Basics (Sat-Sun)

Sept 21-25: Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang (Mon-Fri)

Sept 27-28: Space & Boundaries Chi Kung (Sun-Mon)

Sept 29-Oct 3: Global Body Chi Nei Tsang (3rd Level) (Tues-Sat)

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New and existing practitioners, please review the new Certification Renewal Program.

Please note:


You may register for multiple classes at the same time. Just click "continue shopping" on the PayPal checkout page. The PayPal portal accepts credit/debit cards with no PayPal account required.

Contact us to pay by check. You may also pay via Venmo.
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Main Class Locations - are in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA:



Cold Springs Retreat Center
6868 Cold Springs Rd
Penngrove, CA (map)



Empty Gate Zen Center

2200 Parker St.
Berkeley, CA (map)

Class times:

Roughly 9:30am-5:30pm each day, with a two hour lunch break, 12:30-2:30pm. See each class for actual times.
For 5-day workshops, class ends at 1pm on the last day of class to accommodate students' travel plans.

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