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Booking Chi Nei Tsang / TaoTouch Sessions with Gilles Marin

To make and appointment with Gilles, please contact Revital at:


Please note that Gilles’ schedule fills up quickly and far in advance.

Chi Nei Tsang - Chi Kung - Qigong healing - abdominal massage

Online Consultations


Gilles has cleared space in his schedule for consultations via Facetime or Zoom! Saturdays between 10am-12pm pacific time. Contact Revital (info above) for more info and to schedule.

Gilles studio is in downtown San Rafael, in Marin County, CA.

Studio address:

710 C Street, suite #14
San Rafael, CA
Parking entrance through B Street


by appointment only- no drop-ins please

​Gilles' current in person rate is $265/session.


Sessions run about 45 minutes. There is no need to fast before the treatment but do no eat excessively. There's no need to undress but you should wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the abdomen.


The session includes hands-on abdominal attention and self-care instructions. It's important to have some recovery time after the treatment, so try not to be rushing to work right afterwards. We encourage you to take a short walk or even a nap before driving.

Check our Practitioner Directory to find other TaoTouch® practitioners in your area. Keep in mind all those listed work independently from the Chi Nei Tsang Institute; they have just trained with us. All arrangements are handled by each individual practitioner. Please use your own best judgement in choosing the right practitioner for you.

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