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Chi Nei Tsang Training Retreat with Gilles Marin in Japan

TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang Training Retreat in Japan

Chi Nei Tsang Training in Japan with Gilles Marin

Japan Retreat 2024

May 16-21, 2024

with Gilles Marin

in Izu-Shi
rahama, JAPAN

Organized by Certified TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang Instructor Shizuka Tsuchiya.

Contact Shizuka with questions and to register:

Instagram: @shizuka_taooflife

Instruction is in English, with CNT Practitioner Kentaro translating into Japanese.

Interview with Gilles Marin about Chi Nei Tsang and the Japan Training Retreat, May 2024. By Shizuka, translated by Kentaro.

Here's a note from Shizuka:


"Still little known in Japan, Gilles Marin, Master of Chi Nei Tsang, (the founder of Chi Nei Tsang Institute), visits Japan for the first time.

Learn the essence/quintessence of TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang!!


In my 20 years of CNT study and exploration, he is the one I would love to introduce to all of you if you are wishing to study CNT.

And now I have a chance to invite him to introduce you to this retreat.

During the 6-days course, you will learn:

・Deep understanding of the nature of healing

・Taoist Chi Kung to cultivate your Chi

・Touch that brings healing at a deep level

・Precise and effective techniques for internal organs

If you are completely new to Chi Nei Tsang, you will be able to perform basic sessions by the end of the course.

If you’ve already studied CNT or if you are a practitioner,
you will bring new awareness and benefits to your clients. by understanding and practicing TaoTouch’s healing philosophy."

Lodging and meals available.


This class counts towards CNTI practitioner certification.

45 CEUs for NCBTMB are available this course.


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