Healing Buddha Palms -
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"I love this book, the practices help me keep centered and get me though my day, especially when you have ‘one of those days’. Calms my heart, nervous system and slows me down, gives me clarity. The videos on their website are a HUGE bonus! Kaleo and Elise bring a soothing calm to the practice, your mind and your body. I highly recommend this book." - MAB


"Wonderful healing techniques! Nicely written with good details and pictures showing the Buddha Palms Qigong. Includes a section with several meditations." - O.F.

"Healing Buddha Palms works on different levels. Not too long, which is a positive if you try to do something every day. The real deal, positive effects within a month. I plan on practicing this from now on." - Bruce B.

"Learn how to relax and revitalize with moving meditation. Chi Kung is moving meditation, a way to access limitless sources of energy by cleansing and stimulating internal organs and their meridians. In Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung, the authors have helped me to build concentration, restore balance and enhance my spirituality.


Although, I have been taking classes from Kaleo and Elise for over 4 years I didn't understand on an intellectual level exactly what was happening in my body, mind and spirit.- until I read the book. I just knew I felt better and wanted to continue practicing and being part of a like-minded community. This book shows you step by step (with photographs) how to heal yourself and practice Chi Kung on your own. I highly recommend it." - Juliette

"It is interesting that it uses the Buddha Palms similar to the ones in books of Manak Chia, and as it is a practice on its own, it allows someone to practice it everyday." - Mae