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Real healing for real life!

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Still time to hop on! Recordings will be emailed upon donation.

6 Fridays: Nov 13 - Dec 18, 2020 ONLINE


Learn the TaoTouch approach to internal alchemy chi kung for healing. Based on Taoist principles, these practices connect physical movement, breath, and personal emotional structures with the biology of consciousness.


For beginners through advanced practitioners.

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Video from the online class now available for purchase! Gilles Marin discusses how to ward off infectious diseases and how to minimize impact if you think you may have caught something. Expanding on his blog post, it includes home remedies and students' questions.

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New E-Booklets and Online Classes!

Resumes in January 2021. If you'd like to hop on board, you can catch up to speed in the meantime! More info and access here.

Join us in Spring 2021!

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Dates, Location and Details TBA
with hope gatherings like this will be safe & allowed by then

Biology of Consciousness

One Mind, Five Intelligences


Taoist Chi Kung Basics
Introductory class (might be only online)

Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang
Entry-level hands-on training

Somato-Emotional Chi Nei Tsang

2nd level hands-on training

Space & Boundaries Chi Kung

Prep for Global Body, but open to all

Global Body Attitude Chi Nei Tsang

3rd level hands-on training


Chi Kung routine for health and healing practitioners.

Available as hard copy or ebook/video download!

Healing Buddha Palms - Chi Kung qigong routine for health practitioners
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"Chi Nei Tsang/TaoTouch is the finest, most powerful healing modality in the world, period. Gilles Marin has remarkably taken it to a whole new level. In my opinion, he is by far the best, the number one master practitioner/teacher of Chi Nei Tsang in the world. Chi Nei Tsang in itself is so powerful that indigenous peoples, Hawaiians, have told me 'This is the abdominal work we have lost'.  


In my personal experience of the world of healing- including the best and most famous- plus ancient wisdom shamanism- nothing comes close to the power of Gilles’ hands-on sessions, writings and teachings. 


Beyond even that, I believe Gilles has taken it to a whole new level, a truly life changing and world changing level. In addition, he is a delightfully inspiring human being!"


- Elandra K. Meredith

Read more testimonials here.

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