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How to Attack and Neutralize COVID-19 and other viruses

Reminder: I am not a conventional licensed allopathic medical doctor. I am a practitioner of holistic medicine. I am sharing here my experience and knowledge about the use of home remedies, which can prevent or enhance greatly the use of conventional medicine. - G. Marin­

On the offense against COVID-19

We went through a big and long phase of shelter in place to protect ourselves from a potentially very dangerous epidemic. However, the COVID-19 virus is still around us and, by this time, it has most probably mutated into its next generation of COVID-20 that will be unaffected by any of the vaccines being formulated based on the 2019 virus strain. So, forget about a vaccination. It is not a good idea.

So, what to do?

It is now time to move our personal strategy from hiding in defense to going out in attack mode.

We have been told by the medical establishment and political authorities what not to do, which we have done: Stay home to quarantine and shelter ourselves, social and physical distancing, cancellation of outdoors activities, working from home when possible, keeping shopping time to the minimum, wearing facial covering while being among other people, and all kinds of improvement in personal hygiene and social manners to promote the protection of personal and public health.

All that is very good, but, obviously not enough. No one has told us what to do to neutralize the virus before it can affect us once we decide to abandon shelter and go out. And, indeed, we need to go out- we need to go shopping for necessities, we need to get back to work, we need to make a living, we need to participate in the recovery of our economy.

We also need to breathe fresh air, to go out for replenishing and entertainment, we need a social life, we need to live. It is ok to shelter ourselves from the danger of an epidemic, but it is not ok to shelter ourselves from life! We need to function, we need to take care of friends and neighbors who are sick and cannot take care of themselves. But above all, we need to enjoy life and share its enjoyment with friends and family without the fear of contamination.

Adopt a smart martial attitude!

Martial art is not the art of fighting.

Martial art is the art of winning!

#1 – Don’t let your guard down

Keep your newly acquired hygiene improvements current. Integrate them into your new daily habits and keep improving by adding to it a touch of common sense and mental clarity in order to adapt any new procedure and protocol to the reality and the need of the present.

• Keep your hands clean

• Use mouthwash and gargle

• Use nose and sinus wash

• Wipe the top of cans or bottles before you drink from them

• Build the reflex of coughing and sneezing in your elbow

• Talk but avoid touching (at least for the time of contagion)

• Wear a facial covering when among people

#2 – Have no fear and attack the virus

You went out shopping, you went to a gathering, you met friends at a bar, you had dinner at a restaurant. You had a good time. Now you are back home and you are covered with viruses.

Have no fear. Being covered with viruses is normal, it happens all the time.

There is nothing wrong with this, the only wrong thing is not to be aware of it.

Your defense system has been already at work naturally, as always, repelling and destroying uninvited foreign invaders from the first moment of approach even before contact.

Your defensive energy body (Wei Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine) has already prevented most of the viruses to contact your body by strengthening your bio-magnetic field. Your body works like a natural magnet with a positive pole and a negative pole:

• When vital and in a good mood, your magnetic field attracts beneficial negative ions charged up with good flower fragrance and the oxygen coming from the trees.

• When depressed and in a bad mood, your polarities shift and you attract positive ions charged with negative bacteria and viruses attracted by your chemistry that became acidic and depleted with excess adrenaline and cortisol. Then you notice only the bad smells around you.

• Your good mood repels viruses

• Your bad mood attracts them

Your good mood and vitality make you produce antibodies and antigens right from the surface of your skin. (For more good mood formulas check our downloadable Functional Chi-Kung Meditations.)

In a bad mood? Not to worry, we have two other lines of attack:

1 – External line of attack:

• Essential oils

Use the non-toxic ageless antiseptics provided by nature: Most essential oils are more powerful than chlorine, alcohol or any chemical sanitizer to neutralize viruses, bacteria, molds, microbes and other pathogens because essential oils are volatile like viruses. Essential oils get airborne and repel and destroy viruses even before they can reach any surface. Furthermore, opposite from conventional industrial cleaners which are toxic and weaken your immune system, essential oils enhance your body’s resistance and uplift your spirit- two things that viruses don’t like. The use of fragrances has been used by humanity since and probably well before recorded history. A pleasant body’s fragrance means good health and good hygiene.

Which essential oils are best?

All essential oils are antiseptic. They are also usually non-toxic when not used in excess (get informed, learn about them, check on the internet, ask your naturopath). They can be ingested and are even used for adding flavor to cooking. Listen to your body and choose the fragrance that you like most: this will allow you to use it more often.

There are essential oils that have great reputation as being highly antiseptic like oregano, thyme, clove, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, bay laurel, eucalyptus, sage, mint, tea tree, ravintsara, and many others. But be very careful as they might also be caustic to your skin and need to be diluted before using on your body or on your clothing. It takes pounds of plants to create just one drop of essential oil. Their power is extremely concentrated and needs to be used sparingly or in a diluted form. They can be diluted either in oil or lotion (being oils, they don’t mix well with water).

Those essential oils should be used pure in diffusers to efficiently disinfect at-risk public spaces, your car and your home.

For the body I recommend lavender, jasmine, rose, and all citruses such as orange, grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, neroli and also evergreen tree oils like fir, pine and spruce.

For dilutions you can use cooking oils from your kitchen. However, I usually recommend almond oil or apricot kernel oil because they are easily absorbed by the skin. These oils are used for massage therapy because they are nourishing and protective to your skin.

Basic dilution: One drop of essential oil per 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, massage oil or lotion. Some essential oils are stronger than others and might need more dilution. Try a drop of your dilution on your tongue and on your skin: It should not smell, feel or taste offensive. Don’t use an essential oil at full strength until you are familiar with it.

Martial application: Put a few drops of your essential oil of choice in your hands and rub them together. Breathe deeply from your hands and rub on your face and on your face covering. Now your mask not only protects people around you from your breath but it also protects you by being a solid barrier against any viral and bacterial pathogens.

• Contaminate the viruses with your healing power

Especially if you are tired or in a bad mood, take a shower or a long relaxing bath, pour yourself some good tasting tea, put some nice music on. Avoid depressing news on TV or on public media on the internet from your phone or tablet. Turn on your nebulizer or essential oil diffuser with your favorite fragrance. Surround yourself with positivity. Pick up and rearrange your living space to make it more comfortable. Call a friend for fun, crack jokes and talk about the good events of the day.

• Make your healing approach to life contagious

This sharing of good mood and positive energy is important because it increases and strengthens your own energy field, it helps create a more solid network of support around you, and it adds to the critical mass of the collective healing field repelling the collective pathological field. Make your friends and family become your allies in resisting the invading virus. Build a solid army around yourself. Make your social activity part of your line of defense.

• Go outdoors to nature

Now that political authorities decided not to keep us Sheltered In Place, many have allowed the reopening of parks and beaches. Paradoxically, during the times of pandemic, we have been prevented to visit the very places where coronaviruses cannot possibly survive: places exposed to sun, oxygen, bright light and negative ions. Take full advantage of access to nature and take walks and ride bikes and horses, boat, canoe and swim. Enjoy the wilderness as much as possible and spend time under trees and around scented plants even inside small city parks. Absorb the light, the oxygen and the sanitizing negative ions and the good smells of flowers around you. Those are the healing particles that will establish a solid protective energy field around and within yourself to help your immune system to repel any bad viruses and bacteria.

2 – Internal line of attack:

Homeopathic remedies

The most popular homeopathic remedy to prevent colds and flus is oscillococcinum. I have been using it myself successfully since childhood. I can’t remember the last time I had to stay in bed because of the flu. I always recommend it to everyone I know with excellent results. Some people take it as prevention. I take it only if I feel that I just started to feel any symptoms. I then take 3 doses a day and by the second day all symptoms have generally disappeared.

Martial application: At the slightest sense of feeling like catching a cold or of your system fighting a bug immediately take 1 dose of oscillococcinum and another dose 4 hours later. Take three doses every day for the next 2 days.

Herbal home remedies

If symptoms are still present after two days of treatment it means that you were not aware that the virus had already been incubating for several days and is now deeply established. You need a stronger and more aggressive treatment. Stop homeopathy and switch to the next gear, which is to use stronger herbal remedies:

Martial application: Drink hot ginger tea - not from tea bags but from thinly sliced fresh ginger root that you let cook for 20 minutes. Adding some lemon juice and honey to taste will enhance its power. You should start sweating within 20 minutes. This will prevent fever from rising and will stop it in case you already have it. Before going to bed add a shot of rum to your ginger tea or any non-grain based hard liquor (not tainted with glyphosate pesticide) such as brandy, gin, vodka made of fruit, Cognac, Armagnac, grappa, mescal, tequila, etc. This will help you sleep better and deeper, while enhancing your immune response.

If you still feel congestion in your head and nasal passages:

• Chinese herbal pill: Yin Chiao - 3 to 5 pills every 4 hours will drain head and nasal congestion

• Fumigation: 20 minutes 3 times a day of breathing hot steam with a blend of 3 essential oils:

- Eucalyptus 5 drops

- Mint 3 drops

- Thyme or laurel or oregano 1 drop

This will destroy the viruses where they are: in all your breathing passages and your lungs. Best remedy for bronchitis.

• Continue this treatment until all symptoms disappear and fever drops to normal temperature usually after two or three days maximum. Then take an expectorant to get rid of mucus:

- Loquat Chinese cough syrup

- I also make my own with a strong decoction of marshmallow root to which I add a copious amount of high-grade honey after I strained it and let it cool off.

While recovering: