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To prevent getting the flu or any airborne sickness, and to help eradicate COVID-19 contagion

Being in times of pandemics we have to assume that we are carrying the flu virus or COVID-19 with us all the time. The only thing we can do is to neutralize it, on and in ourselves, to prevent it from reproducing and spreading.

1 – Distancing: We are social beings. The only way to be efficient in keeping a safe distance to avoid contamination is to first enhance our communication skills by improving our clarity of expression, and to use sign language and electronics the best way we can. In times of pandemics we need to talk without touching.

2 – Using and keeping improving true hygiene. Be mindful that the appearance of cleanliness is not enough. Be efficient in helping the eradication of the contamination. Cary some kind of disinfectant on yourself, being alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide based, cologne, diluted essential oils, hand-wash, in a spray or other practical container to make it available at all moments you touch something that could have been touched by someone else.

3 – Nutrition: less bulk but more vital. Quality over quantity, cooked or raw. Less or no starch, more fruits and greens, less animal protein but still to satisfaction of your appetite. Add Vit. C up to 1 to 3 gr daily (1,000 to 3,000 mg.)

4 – Share your knowledge about your hygiene practice around you. This information is healing for everyone using it. Spread healing around you by sharing what you know.

If you feel like you are just getting the flu:

• Don’t panic. Avoid excess adrenaline in your blood. Turn off your emotionally upsetting TV and get to the news you want directly by searching the internet. The added adrenaline in your system with your being upset contributes to the acidic environment the virus needs to develop and thrive.

• You still can neutralize the virus within your system and prevent it to spread it to your lungs, or to neutralize it there if you are already coughing. Do any kind of deep breathing exercise to hyper oxygenate your blood for just a couple of minutes every so often. Train to breathe out completely by breathing out several times without inhaling, and then taking in a deep breath.

• Avoid accumulating excess adrenaline in your blood. Cultivate serotonin production by doing the Sunning Practice, by staying positive and keeping good thoughts in mind. Watch funny movies. Have casual conversations with friends over the phone. Have joke cracking sessions. Go to the sun, and open air, walk slowly in nature even if it is just in your back yard. Take your mind away from upsetting news and be proactive in setting up your life the best possible.

Take naps.

Go for the home remedies to destroy the virus during the incubation period so it cannot develop and reproduce. This can include any of the following:

- Gargling with your favorite alcoholic liquor or just salted water.

- Use cologne on yourself and throughout your house.

- Spray or diffuse essential oils to disinfect yourself and your house: eucalyptus, thyme, mint, oregano, rosemary, lavender… most of oils have antiseptic properties. Even just boiling eucalyptus leave in an open pot on your stove will do it.

- Take some good quality Vit. C up to 5 gr. daily (5,000 mg).

- Take 1 dose of the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum 3x daily for 3 days.

- If available in Asian food stores or health food stores: Reishi mushroom extract or white ginseng from Wisconsin in powder (1/4 teaspoon early afternoon after nap).

- Yin Chiao pills.

- Drink hot ginger tea (thinly sliced or shredded fresh ginger into boiling water).

- Steam for 20 minutes straight 3x daily by breathing over a hot pot of water with a mix of eucalyptus, thyme and mint essential oils.

The flu virus cannot survive a disinfected environment, so, even, and especially, if it is already in your system, it needs several days to incubate before it can reproduce and make you very sick. It incubates in your throat and your nasal cavities. If you gargle with a disinfectant and breathe essential oils of thyme it will kill the virus during its incubation period and you should feel relieved within a day or two. But continues the treatment for another couple of days to make sure you eliminated the possibilities of new infections during the time of incubation.

Avoid mucus producing food products such as pasteurized dairy, sugar, especially in drinks such as sodas and reconstituted fruit juices from concentrates, starches such as industry produced boxed cereals, potatoes, wheat, corn and rice, and their derivatives. Don’t surcharge your system with overeating. Even the best food rots inside your body when in excess making your digestive system overworking. You want to save your energy for your defense system.

If you feel like you are not getting better – that means that you will get worse.

Hospitals are already overwhelmed by the excess number of people seeking shelter and medical attention. In addition, all they can do there is to keep you under observation and feed you the worst diet while being quarantined with a bunch of other infected people. Now remember that hospitals don’t provide home remedies and they are unable to provide you with the diet you will need to recover. So, it will be much better for you and for them to prepare yourself to stay at home especially if you get sicker, weaker and unable of taking care of yourself.

For that matter you need to build a network of support by connecting together a circle of friends and family members on which you can count on to take care of each other. Tell them your plan if you or one of you gets sick, to keep an eye on each other and provide each other with daily needs in matter of care and nutrition. You have to build that network of people being able to assist each other before you get too weak to ask for help. Use your phone, use the internet, establish a circle of relationship to check on each other on a regular basis. Humanity comes out naturally out of people during times of crisis. We need to enhance this natural capacity to help evolve our social skills toward being helpful, supportive and more humane with each other. This will eventually make human consciousness evolve naturally toward a better future.

• Make a list of the kind of food you want, cooked the way you like it. You will probably loose all your appetite for several day. So, preparing to eat minimally but vital. Superfoods like green algaes, maca, multivitamins, and other such products. Call and consult with your local health food stores.

• Rely on blended soups and fortified drinks or smoothies. Make chicken stock with vegetables and blend it so it is easy to drink and to dilute if your appetite goes down.

Here is my grandmother’s famous 7 vegetables longevity soup recipe:

The Seven Vegetables Soup

(Longevity Soup)


1 medium leek

1/3 celery

1 large piece of banana squash or a small butternut squash or any other squash

2 turnips with greens if still fresh or a golden beet

3 carrots with greens if still fresh (take out the tough parts of the stems)

1 bunch swiss chard

Chopped parsley


• Chop veggies, put in a big pot

• Add a teaspoon of pure sea salt (not regular table salt)

• Top up with water and bring to boil

• Reduce the heat and let seamer until thoroughly cooked (carrots are soft)

• Blend with a hand blender for five minutes or until completely liquified

• It should be fairly thick and ready to jar or to freeze

When reheating:

• Dilute either with water, broth of choice, or bone broth.

• Adjust salt to taste.

• Serve hot with fresh chopped parsley on top or add some thyme while reheating to help digest better.

You can make variations by the day or by the person by adding in individual plates:


A teaspoon of olive oil or a piece of butter

Some aioli (basil and garlic mayonnaise)

Some persillade (chopped garlic and parsley)

Some grated cheese (Pecorino Romano is my favorite)

Garlic croutons

Grounded meat directly put at the bottom of the serving plate (only when served very hot to cook the meat)

A dropped egg (only when served very hot to cook the egg)