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Treatment for Adult Acne

Treatments for adult acne

Q: I have had acne since around 18 years of age and I am 40 now. I was hoping it would go away like it does for many people after some time, but it stubbornly persists.

So my question is, as far as what you know and can tell, do you think that this condition manifests because of insufficient Wei Chi (energy)? Am I in a state of depleted Wei Chi and so my body is not capable of handling various stresses on a regular basis and so I end up having the acne breakouts on the face?

Does the placement of the acne correspond to meridians in that area that are experiencing some blockages? Again this is happening since about 18 years of age and I’ve had varying diets and life situations throughout all this time. And yet the condition persists.

I wonder do I need to go through some kind of detox and special diet plan? I wonder if this condition is passed down through genetics?

I wonder if I have to take some kind of supplements or drink certain herbs to help myself out with this.

I am thinking to do a consultation in regards to diet, herbs and supplements with whichever practitioner that may make sense for this.

What would you suggest/recommend for my situation, anything that would help me along this path of uprooting and curing this condition. I really appreciate and value your time and energy in sharing your input on this issue.

A: Apparently you are suffering from toxic blood coming from a genetic pattern of emotional tension that manifests through acne on the face and jaws. This can be healed very simply, but not easily, because the treatment will have to involve a change in your emotional pattern of habit, which results from excess adrenaline and stress hormones. Forcing yourself to eat differently cannot bring lasting change and will just add to your stress habits.


• Sunning three minutes 4 times daily for 10 days, then twice a day for another 10 days, then once a day.

This will change the chemistry of your blood by creating more serotonin, which inhibits the production of excess adrenaline and stress hormones.

• Going to bed earlier as nights get longer until you are able to sleep 10 - 12 hours during the Winter solstice by the end of December.

• As your blood changes, adopt the serotonin attitude of taking your time to take care of details in the present instead of being ahead of yourself and thinking about what to do next.

• Eat according to your appetite and change your diet by following your change of appetite, which will come with your change of blood chemistry.

• Invest in sleeping deeper and longer to be able to build your capacity to dream significantly. This will allow the breaking down and the digestion of the emotional charges that have been poisoning your blood line.


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