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Can a femoral hernia be treated with Chi Nei Tsang?

Q: Can a femoral hernia be treated with Chi Nei Tsang? I do not want to go under the knife and am exploring options.

Gilles: I would need much more information before I could give you an answer.

How old is the hernia?

What caused it?

Is it your first hernia?

Where is it located?

The problem with trying to manually reabsorb a hernia is that the conditions are set to happen again, more easily every time.

Surgery for inguinal or femoral hernia is quite easy and safe. Depending on the position and location of the hernia, especially if it is painful, gives you symptoms like nausea, and is positioned near your femoral vein, I would consider surgery. Necessary surgery is one of the few things I recommend Western medicine for.

However, before surgery you might want to consider receiving a preparatory Chi Nei Tsang treatment to reduce or get rid of the internal pressure that caused the hernia. As well as follow-up Chi Nei Tsang sessions.


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