Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang
w/ TaoTouch Extraordinary Chi Kung

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April 25 - May 2, 2022

Arrive at retreat center on Sunday April 24
Depart on May 2

more schedule details below

Retreat Location:

Harmony Ridge Lodge
Nevada City, California (Tahoe National Forest)

1 hour from Sacramento; 3 hrs from the Bay Area

Disclaimer: Last minute changes/rescheduling may be necessary due to covid or wildfire activity.

Fundamentals of CNT is also taught at the Crete Retreat, July 2022.
And again in California in October 2022.

Instructor: Gilles Marin

This course has been approved by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider #260, for 27 hours of continuing education - Category 1. It is also approved for the same number of hours by NCBTMB. Provider: Gilles Marin, (510) 848-9558.

Chi Nei Tsang classes with Gilles Marin in Berkeley, CA


Tuition includes course, facilities and food throughout the course.

Lodging extra if needed.

See bottom of this page or click here for our cancellation policy

NOTE: TaoTouch Chi Kung Basics ONLINE class is required before you can take the Fundamentals class. It will be offered online in March 2022. You can watch the recordings if not able to make it live. Click here to register.


In Spring 2022 and Fall 2022, we'll have an extended Fundamentals class, which includes 2 days of TaoTouch Extraordinary Chi Kung at the beginning. This will be a higher Fundamental level including more emphasis on emotional processing and dreams, to accommodate students taking it for the 2nd+ time.

Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang is a thorough introduction to Classical Taoist meditations and healing practices. Combining internal Chi Kung and gentle hands-on touch of the internal organs, TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang benefits physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, disease recovery and prevention, and ultimate life enjoyment and longevity.

Learn how to touch non-invasively, with specific techniques to effectively treat common health issues.


By the end of the course, you will be able to perform a basic one-hour Chi Nei Tsang treatment on yourself and others!


Discover why Chi Nei Tsang is the ultimate step for good health, fitness and life enjoyment!


1 - Philosophical Concepts

  • TaoTouch Chi Nei Tsang as a true holistic modality

  • Healing vs fixing

  • What are pains and symptoms?

  • What is Chi ?

  • What is internal Alchemy?

  • Taoist cosmology and the Five Elemental Forces


2 – Chi-Kung and Functional Meditations

  • Earth Relationship Chi-Kung

  • Bone Breathing – Bone Packing

  • Easy Breathing: full diaphragmatic breath

  • The 7 levels of individuation of the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Golden Fish

  • Healing Buddha Palms

  • Sunning Exercises

  • Sleeping Chi-Kung


3 – Touch

  • Touching for inner communication: The Listening Touch

  • Touching for guidance: The Power of Gentleness Touch

  • Touching for higher consciousness: The Peace Touch


4 – Specific Techniques

  • Breath consciousness

  • The navel as the hub of the fasciae

  • Navel rim feed-back touch

  • Differentiating navel rim and navel roots

  • Detoxifying the skin

  • Abdominal exploration

  • Deep lymphatic drainage: "Rock ’n' Pump"

  • Finding the colon

  • Enhancing peristaltic movement

  • Lateral breath opening – opening the door to emotions

  • Opening the Wind Gates

  • Spleen pump

  • The pancreas and the 3 Laws of Dietary Hygiene

  • Liver treatment – addictions – detoxifying process

  • Kidneys and adrenals – assessing for kidney stones

  • Listening to the small intestine Insomnia and the stress response

  • Caressing the spine from the abdomen CNT on the back (using leg leverage)

  • Dermatomes, skin markings

  • Main acupuncture points used


In this classes you will learn how to use the healing energy of Chi, precise therapeutic manipulations, and how to deepen your awareness, to help people heal at deep levels.


“The key to the healing process is awareness. Healing is ruled by spirit; spirit means guidance and being connected with our reason for being alive.“ ~ Gilles


We will explore these and many other topics on the road to understanding a truly holistic approach to health, healing, and a lifetime of optimal wellness.


Required Reading:
Healing From Within by Gilles Marin.


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Class Retreat Location:

Harmony Ridge Lodge

18883 State Highway 20

Nevada City, CA 95959
1hr from Sacramento; 3 hrs from the SF Bay Area



Monday-Friday, April 25 - May 2, 2022
If staying at the retreat center, arrive on Sunday April 24 after 2pm.

Depart after morning closing circle on Tuesday May 2 (check out at 11am)


Daily Schedule:

8:00am Chi Kung warmup
8:30am Breakfast
9:30am-1:00pm Morning class

1-3pm Lunch, siesta

3:00-6:30pm - Afternoon class
7:00pm Dinner

May 2nd:
8:00am: Chi Kung

8:30am: Continental breakfast
9:00am: Morning circle

10:15 or so: Clean up

11am: Check out



Fly in Sun April 24th in late morning/early afternoon if possible.

Fly out Mon May 2nd in afternoon/eve. Or May 3rd (get airport hotel).
We can pick you up on April 24th in the afternoon, and drop you off around 1pm on May 2nd (extra fee).



Click here for Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Certification requirements.

New and existing practitioners, please review the new Certification Renewal Program.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

• 12 weeks or more prior to start of course:
Class deposit and tuition, less paypal fees, will be fully refunded if the Chi Nei Tsang Institute is notified 12 or more weeks prior to the start of the course.


• 6-12 weeks prior to course:

Half of the deposit and half the tuition for each class is refundable if CNTI is notified between 6-12 weeks prior to the course. Or half the deposit and the full class tuition portion is transferable to a future class retreat.


• 6 weeks or less prior to course:
The full deposit and class tuition is non-refundable if CNTI is notified less than 6 weeks prior to class. The full class tuition portion is transferable to a future class retreat.

• Rescheduling due to unforeseen events:

If a class retreat must be rescheduled on our end due to wildfires, covid, or other such events, full deposit and payment will be transferred to the next dates. If you are unable to come to the next one or so, your deposit and tuition payments may be refunded in full, less payment processor fees.