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Healing Buddha Palms Qigong
Online Course with Kaleo & Elise Ching

Recordings and Class Notes Still Available through July 31, 2024

Class originally occurred July 22 - August 26, 2022

Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung is a Taoist practice that is an especially powerful tool for healers and Chi Kung practitioners to build and conserve their own Chi and to channel Chi from both the Earth and the Universe. This practice stimulates our twelve internal organs and their meridians, and the eight Extraordinary Channels which are our reservoirs of Chi.

Kaleo and Elise Ching bring their expertise (and sweetness!) to us, as they deeply explore and share what is going on when we do the Buddha Palms practice.


They will also be sharing bone marrow breathing, earth qigong and micro/macro orbits in addition to other qigong practices and meditations.


Suitable for beginners and beyond!

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MONTHLY MEMBERS - You are already enrolled- no need to do so again :)


Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung
Sliding scale donation.

$90-$150 recommended.

Or pay what you can ($60 minimum).

Thank you!

Recordings available until July 31, 2024


As classes are recorded and viewable any time, there are no cancellations/refunds.

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