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TaoTouch (Taoist) Chi Kung

Class happened live March 3 - April 7, 2023

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Instructor: Gilles Marin

NOTE: This class is required before you can take the hands-on Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang class retreat.

Class is open to anyone- even those not going on to hands-on classes.

No cancellations/refunds as class recordings are available to watch anytime from anywhere!

You can still register to get the six video recordings, detailed class notes, and other resources. Feel free to email in questions as you go through the course.

The TaoTouch (Taoist) Chi Kung course focuses on the essence of internal alchemy during Chi Kung practice. These ancient methods, adapted to the modern Western mind, powerfully harmonize your energy systems while promoting inner health and the ability to help others heal from within. The practices are useful in navigating our everyday lives and creating our optimal future, from the present moment.

This course is an initiation point for the complete beginner in the practice of Taoist internal alchemy for healing and mental, emotional and spiritual evolution. It is also for experienced practitioners who would like to integrate this approach and exercises even more into themselves and their practice.


Training involves a deep connection with our "subconscious" for enhanced transformational results. This is done by connecting physical movement, breath, and personal emotional structures with the biology of consciousness.

The nature of Gilles' teaching is fluid and flexible, depending on YOU - who is in class and questions asked. TaoTouch Chi Kung online classes include a selection of the following topics:

  • Introduction to the true holistic, whole-person approach to health and healing

  • The Microcosmic Orbit or "Fountain of Life" with its seven levels of individuation

  • Taoist Meridian Daily Biological Clock

  • Earth Relationship Chi Kung

  • Bone Breathing Meditation

  • Sleeping Chi Kung

  • Dreaming Chi Kung

  • Sunning Meditations

  • Six Healing Sounds - upgraded version

  • Yin and Yang energies' mental and emotional attributes

  • The Five Intelligences of our Biology of Consciousness

  • and more!


Gilles teaches each course in a unique way, from a slightly different angle. These are spiraling teachings to help us integrate the material, this approach to healing, in a well-rounded way... So we can really get it.

Everyone is welcome! Beginners, reviewers and advanced practitioners.

Be ready for deep introspection and transformation!


Recommended practices:
Sunning Meditations; Bone Breathing; Sleeping and Dreaming Chi Kung.
Audio downloads available here.

Recommended reading:

Five Elements, Six Conditions by Gilles Marin.

Paperback and e-book available here.


Absolute beginners are warmly welcomed. Advanced practitioners will bring themselves to their next level of personal evolution.


Looking forward to practicing with you!


TaoTouch Chi Kung Online - Spring 2023

$90-$150 sliding scale donation

After donating you should receive a confirmation email with link to the recordings and notes.

If not, email us:


You may also pay via Venmo.

Contact us to pay by cash or check.

Click here for our updated cancellation policy.

Click here for Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Certification requirements.

New and existing practitioners, please review the Certification Renewal Program.

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