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Advanced Chi Nei Tsang Course

Upcoming Dates:


Instructor: Gilles Marin

Advanced Chi Nei Tsang classes and retreats with Gilles Marin - Berkeley, CA

This course has been approved by NCBTMB for 21 hours of continuing education.

Prerequisites: One Fundamentals of CNT courses and one Global Body CNT course.


This will be another extraordinary opportunity to gather with other practitioners and to deepen and develop your practice!

Advanced Class of 2024

in Gilles' words...


"In this next advanced class of 2024 I plan to take the previous classes on the differentiation of the mind into five intelligences to the next level with advanced practitioners!


We will also practice:


  • A better way to float the head with chi extension to liberate stagnant tensions on C7 and the whole spine

  • Freeing the mesentery and vagus nerve, focusing on how they relate to cerebral infirmities

  • An efficient way to elongate the lumbar-sacral spine

  • And emphasis on deconstructing patterns of anxiety and depression


These techniques are so important and can bring so much relief when done correctly that I don’t mind repeating, and will be beneficial for deeper integration for those who have taken our recent Advanced classes.


We will also prioritize, as usual, the specific needs of the students present. So, if you plan to attend this class and would like particular topics to be addressed, please email us your requests as soon as possible so I can prepare and adjust the schedule accordingly."

Read Gilles' note regarding his advanced continuing education courses.

Please note that the course material will depend upon the group, questions asked, and Gilles' current inspirations.


This class is only opened to practicing certified CNT practitioners who have also taken at least one Global Body CNT class with Gilles.


Please register early as space is limited.


Together we are increasing the vital force of the practice of Chi Nei Tsang!
Join our next Advanced CNT class, available nowhere else, in 2024

Certified practitioners, please review the new Certification Renewal Program.

“I am very appreciative of the advanced class for practitioners.., there is an ease and confidence in everyone's touch that makes the class worthy of attending. The value of weaving a closer-knit group of professionals with similar philosophy and approach creates a camaraderie that is priceless."

~ Jak Noble, Certified CNT practitioner
“Discussion and practice with Gilles has been extremely useful. It brought insightful perspectives and precise guidance in the different practices. I highly recommend this series of workshops which reflects the evolution of Gilles's vision of healing.”

~ Marie-Christine Cornet, Certified CNT Practitioner

"I am continuing to feel the benefits from the workshop... the lightness and being happy like I haven't in a couple of years. Thanks to you and all that attended the class."

~ Heidi Gore, Certified CNT Practitioner


"Attending the Advanced CNT class has immensely deepened my ability to help clients with their healing. I now have what feels like an intrinsic understanding of how to bring people into their healing field using my presence, touch and, less importantly, my words. I’m grateful for the elegant way Gilles taught that felt like a spiral that became deeper and richer throughout the four days.


By the end of the workshop, after listening to Gilles, playing with qigong and practicing on the table, I walked away even more excited to practice CNT. Each component of the class complemented the other. I can’t wait to take the advanced class again next year for even more depth."

~ Kelly Amstadt, Certified CNT Practitioner

"Gilles, Thank you for your teaching at the Advanced Practitioners’ workshop last week.  I learned so much!  Each advanced workshop helps me to get to a deeper level in my understanding of Chi Nei Tsang.  Now the sessions I am giving are more effective and deeper and I am more in touch than before. The opportunity to learn with other practitioners gives me the experience and feedback that I need to keep growing as a practitioner.  It’s so easy to level off with what I know. 

Our workshop was much more than a review.  You helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the essence and foundation of Chi Nei Tsang.  Moment by moment I felt more connected and responsive to each person I worked on.  My experience of receiving CNT from other practitioners, the detailed directions you gave, and the questions and feedback sessions:  all are coming together for me.  I feel transformed! "

~ Karen Pearle, Certified CNT Practitioner

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New and existing practitioners, please review the new Certification Renewal Program.

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