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Sleepytime Meditation for Children

Turning in the five senses for sleep.

Sleep meditation for children - turning in the five senses

When dealing with kids we need to be playful; this is the way kids naturally learn. Here is a very good sleep formula for kids.

The senses are the children of our internal organs and, as every parent knows, there is no way to fall asleep if the kids are up. To fall asleep, we need to bring each sense into the arms of their corresponding organs to be rocked to sleep. This is very good for the kids, excellent for the parents!

Each parent would have to adapt the meditation so it becomes a gentle and sweet lullaby.

Turning In the Five Senses


The eyes are the children of the brain.

Close the eyes and look inward toward the brain. Feel like the brain is taking the eyes in its arms and gently rock them to sleep


The tongue (for talking) is the child of the heart.

Feel the connection between your tongue in your mouth and your heart in your chest. Feel like you are gently rolling your tongue and relaxing it in your heart. Nothing to say, nothing to talk about now. We’ll talk more later. Now we just quiet down in our heart.


The mouth (for eating) is the child of the stomach (digestion).

Feel your mouth and your jaws, feel your stomach, which is satisfied and calm. Feel your mouth relaxing, being held warmly in the stomach, being gently rocked to sleep.


The skin (for touching) is the child of the lungs (breath).

Feel your sense of touch at the surface of the skin rolling into the warmth of your chest, being brought to sleep inside your breath.


The ears are the children of the bones (Kidneys).

Feel the weight of your bones sinking in your bed. Listen inwardly to your bones in your lower back…. Feel your ears closing and being warmly held in your lower back.


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