Why Chi Nei Tsang / TaoTouch Is Revolutionary Healing


Live session took place on Saturday January 25, 2020. However it is available to watch any time.
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This introductory class tells the origin of Chi Nei Tsang, with its underlying roots in Taoist Chi Kung and Classical Chinese medicine before the "Cultural Revolution" in China.

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We will also explore what sets apart Chi Nei Tsang, with the TaoTouch approach, from other modalities- making it a truly holistic, extra-ordinary form of healing.

Class includes an experiential meditation, small group chat and discussion and Q&A with Gilles Marin.


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Class Topics:

  • Intro: Chi Nei Tsang/TaoTouch is an extraordinary modality, the real meaning of holistic approach- connecting with REAL reality, what is (not what “should be”)

  • How TaoTouch is revolutionary

  • True holistic, global approach: disease is for a good reason- a chance to heal

  • Healing must come from within

  • TaoTouch Practitioners can’t “specialize" as the person is not fragmented. Working on guts = digesting emotions, no way around it. It bypasses rational thinking. Subconscious, 5 intelligences.

  • Chi Nei Tsang/TaoTouch works on 3 levels at the same time: metabolic, emotional, structural. WIth this triangulation, there is no escape from healing

  • Question from Jasmine about "subconscious"

  • 5 basic questions for each element/intelligence, to address/awaken/validate own intelligences within

  • Taoism = revolutionary, validating what you already know, your natural wisdom. Using a practice that is authentic to yourself. TaoTouch training brings consciousness to the surface. Integration, not memorization.

  • Unconventional training of practitioners: the exam is from clients (case studies)

  • Decision making: Rational thinking vs. all 5 Intelligences. Not what "should be". Need consensus (not democracy/majority rule). Work together, not against each other - work WITH disease.

  • TaoTouch training in holism, integration, transmission

  • Healing is contagious

  • Breakout rooms (Room 3: Jasmine, David and Fiona)

  • Babs case studies question - working beyond techniques

  • Guided Meditation: Light shining in 7 levels of individuation

  • Closing: Upcoming classes and new books from Gilles!


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Class Location:

Class times:

Saturday January 25, 11:30am-1:30pm Pacific time.
While this class is best attended live for everyone's ideas and feedback,
it will be recorded so you can watch later whether or not you are able to join live.