In this introductory class Gilles Marin explains what sets apart Chi Nei Tsang, with the TaoTouch approach, from other modalities- making it a truly holistic, extra-ordinary form of healing.


We discuss the real meaning of holiism, the global body approach, the 5 Intelligences of the Mind, triangulation of healing levels, the conscious vs subsconscious, Taoism and the origin of Chi Nei Tsang before the Cultural Revolution in China, whole self decision making, what it takes to become a being a effective practitioner, validation and integration.

Class also includes an experiential meditation, small group chat, and Q&A with Gilles.

Download zip file includes the video, intro with time markers of subject material, and a 5-page info sheet.

Why CNT/TaoTouch Is a Revolutionary Healing Modality

  • Your download link will be delivered on the confirmation page as well as in an email. It is a zip file containing the video file and info sheets to download to your device.

  • In this manual and its corresponding video, Gilles Marin and Elise & Kaleo Ching guide you through the subtle yet powerful Buddha Palms sequence. The book provides in depth step-by-step instruction with color photos and relations to meridian points. It also includes introductory information and 7 guided meditations. The video includes the Buddha Palms demonstration by Gilles and a guided meditation poem by Elise Durlam Ching.


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