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Health After Hysterectomy - Treating Prolapse Issues

Health after hysterectomy - treating prolapse issues

Q: I’m writing to you on behalf of a client. She is experiencing problems with prolapse with her rectum and cervix. She had a hysterectomy about 10 years ago. They removed everything, but the cervix. I’m looking for modalities that may be helpful for her and am wondering what would be recommended in terms of CNT. Thanks so much for any suggestions you have.

A: Chi Nei Tsang is the best modality to reestablish health after hysterectomy and to strengthen and realign all of the sacral plexus. You have to follow the whole protocol from detoxifying, changing PH balance by increasing serotonin production, switching to parasympathetic response, release of the diaphragm and pericardium, release of the vagus nerve by freeing the mesentery, getting rid of any inflammatory condition creating internal abdominal pressure. You have to make sure that the rib cage, the spine and the pelvis are all in alignment, and only then repositioning rectum and cervix with Chi Nei Tsang/TaoTouch techniques.


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