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Best Time of Day for Chi Nei Tsang Treatments


Based on the Taoist meridian daily clock, what are 4 good hour-long daily appointment times for me to see my clients?


• For practitioners, and this is the reason why I work now mostly in the morning, I recommend the Earth hours. The morning time is when your Earth energy puts you directly in touch with the body's physical wisdom of both of you and your client, and you have the right energy to provide healing with the maximum Chi extension without much danger to yourself.

• Once you enter the afternoon Water time it becomes increasingly easier to exhaust yourself and to go toward depletion. However, for the receiver of the treatment, the afternoon Water hours can be very beneficial to get in touch with ancestral issues and the old patterns of habits, which brought pathologies. So less Chi extension in the afternoon but more precise touch in terms of directing the breath of your clients in order to open the emotional bridges. So, early morning hours for new clients, and deeper emotional processing in the afternoon for seasoned clients.

• I would highly discourage working late in the evening (after 7pm) during the endocrine Fire hours because of the social nature of the time, which would easily turn the treatment into chit-chat and loss of energy for the practitioner with much less effective healing results.

• Night time is the best time for self-practice as you connect more effectively your emotional and physical bodies while bypassing the always distracting thinking process. Even during the Wood hours, even though this could stimulate thinking, as long as a good attentive breath is present, we have the best setup to enhance our healing process while asleep. Just a short but precise treatment can get you much profit.


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