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Biology of Consciousness: One Mind, Five Intelligences
Anatomy/Physiology/Taoist Internal Alchemy


Online: May 2021

In Person: March 2022

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This course is approved for 27 Continuing Education Hours (CEUs) by NCBTMB and the California Acupuncture Board (Provider #260, Category 1).

Anatomy and Physiology of Chi Nei Tsang classes with Gilles Marin - Berkeley, CA

OPEN TO ALL! The Biology of Consciousness class uses the philosophical concepts of classical Taoism at the origin of traditional Chinese medicine to help clearly differentiate the whole mind into its five different major mental states extending from our biological make up: rational thinking, emotional solidity, instinctual apprehension, physical wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Benefits of this practice are multifaceted. It will help you to:

  • Create more mental space and mental quietness

  • Transform internal conflicts into reliable self-support

  • Exercise and rest each mental state independently

  • Optimize your decision making process

  • Create a complete mental, emotional and spiritual healing process in relation to your physical body and genetic background

  • Develop a solid sense of self-worth

  • Acquire mental clarity and emotional robustness

  • Enhance your guidance, appreciation, enjoyment in life

Biology of Consciousness is the missing link that connects to all Asian philosophies, meditations, and traditional Asian, African and every other aboriginal medical approaches. It is so fundamental that teachers of such traditional disciplines, throughout the whole history of communication with our civilization, would not believe that, in the so technologically evolved and strong-minded Western culture, we are so lacking in terms of emotional maturity and ignorant about our different states of cognition.

When everywhere else in the world people have a reasonably solid belief system regarding consciousness and the meaning of life, even though these beliefs can be quite varied, and even rationally questionable, we, in the industrialized West, are quite confused when we come to a true science of consciousness. No amount of psychology or medical science has ever been able to give us satisfying answers about our different states of cognition. Our entire educational system is based on developing our short term memory and our rational thinking only. While this is very important indeed, it is not able to come to terms with anything beyond rationality, including emotional states and spiritual life.

Biology of Consciousness will greatly benefit both beginners as well as those familiar with Asian healing arts and/or meditations.



Class fee, food and lodging

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Return students encouraged!

Students who have already taken this course may repeat for a special discount!

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This is a required class for practitioner certification in Chi Nei Tsang/TaoTouch. It is also a class designed to facilitate the practice of the Human Potential Fusion Meditation, a monastic Taoist practice to enhance emotional processing and to cultivate our humanity. Biology of Consciousness is a great preparation for people who have not yet taken Fusion. It also serves as a way to integrate it at a deeper and more solid level for those who have. Gilles considers this practice the pearl of our teaching at the Chi Nei Tsang Institute!

Class Lessons:

  • The 5 Essential Points to manifest full consciousness of life

  • The 5 Powers and 5 Directions of Existence

  • Tai'Chi and the Pakua: movement of life, 8 trigrams, and the human body

  • Being plugged into life network: Biological clock of meridians and elemental forces

  • Biological manifestation from energy and information into being

  • Metabolism and Internal Alchemy

  • The connection of Internal Alchemy with External Alchemy

Chi Kung Practices:

  • Sunning Practice

  • Six Healing Sounds

  • Microcosmic Orbit

  • Eight Directions (Misogi) practice of energizing and cleansing

  • Peace on Earth Aikido Practice

Hands-on Practices:

  • Redirecting breath out of heart and into lower abdomen

  • Vertebral breathing

  • Dream Touch to trigger hormone and neurotransmitter production in intestines and enteric nervous system

Biology of Consciousness is required for Fundamental Level Certification.

"I feel that the Biology of Consciousness has changed my life and is certainly the answer to my prayers... In just 5 days with Gilles, it felt like being transported to a space of very deep and ancient knowing, and I learned or was reminded of the deeper language of my being – the ways my various intelligences (and not just my rational mind!) communicates.  I learned about so many new parts of my being that had been running the show, but I had no conscious awareness of, and I gained a deep, deep respect for the purpose each played in my life and my family line.  It was like being reminded of a secret that all of me already knew, but my mind was the last to catch up on. 


By the final day, I felt a greater peace come through me than I have ever known.  What I love about this class and Gilles’ teaching is that it is timeless, strikes a profound chord of resonance in my body, and that unlike all the previous teachings I received before this one, which gave me some good advice but never actually showed me how to implement it – this training seamlessly provided both the wisdom AND the ability to access it, right here and now.


I could not be more grateful, and I do believe these to be among the most profound days of my life. If you are drawn to this course, it must mean you are ready for it and the chance to experience a profoundly deep level of healing – and remembering."

- Yaeli Moonrise, July 2019


"I took this class to renew my certificate. It was a new class for me and I was pleasantly surprised.  I liked the new style of teaching very much! I feel I absorbed much more. This class was more of an open flow with the ideas, meditations, chi kung, being repeated in a way that we kept coming back around to gain deeper understanding.

Healing comes from within, Gilles repeats over and over and this class showed/reminded us of the importance of that. The retreat was a place where that healing process began to drop deeper and deeper into each of us."


- Nancy Belton, September 2019


You may register for multiple classes at the same time. Just click "continue shopping" on the PayPal checkout page. The PayPal portal accepts credit/debit cards with no PayPal account required.


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New and existing practitioners, please review the new Certification Renewal Program.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

• A full refund, less paypal fees, will be made if cancelled within 72 hours of enrollment.  Otherwise:


• Class tuition, less non-refundable deposit per class and paypal fees, will be fully refunded if the Chi Nei Tsang Institute is notified 6 or more weeks prior to the start of the course.


• Half of the class tuition will be forfeited if CNTI is notified between 2-6 weeks prior to the course, and within 180 days of payment.  


• The full amount of the class tuition will be forfeited if CNTI is notified less than 2 weeks prior to class. 

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