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TaoTouch Self-Care Chi Nei Tsang


Original class from Jan-Feb 2024

Registration gets you the 6 video recordings, detailed class notes and other resources, available thru August 31, 2024.

Instructor: Tiffiny Fyans, Senior Instructor

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For beginners, reviewers and advanced practitioners. So, everyone is welcome!

In this 6 week course we will be doing some gentle TaoTouch Self-Care Chi Nei Tsang Practices. We'll get in touch with the elemental forces inside us, including the internal organs and meridians related to each one. We'll do some extraordinary chi warmups, connect with our source center, quell our inner winds, explore some self-care CNT techniques, and more.


We use the chi extension from our own hands to connect, while feeling and healing from within. Each week explores a particular elemental force, or "Intelligence"- its related anatomy and ways to approach our deep, elemental self-care.

This nurturing class is perfectly suited for the winter season.

This course will not simply be a repeat of the one taught last year. Like the Tao of Consciousness, these are spiraling teachings to help us integrate the material, this approach to healing, in a well-rounded way... So we can really get it.

Week 1:

Centering, Anchoring

Review of central orientation point of Lower Dan Tien, Central Channel, releasing pressure from around the heart, anchoring the spark of yang fire in the original force point

Week 2:

Earth Element Nei Kung
Where do you live?

TaoTouch Center, Spleen and Stomach

Week 3:

Metal Element Nei Kung
Reflections on the sea

TaoTouch Lung and Large Intestine

Week 4:

Water Element Nei Kung
What moves you?

TaoTouch Kidney and Bladder

Week 5:

Wood Element Nei Kung
Pruning and simplifying

TaoTouch Liver and Gall Bladder

Week 6:

Fire Element Nei Kung

Heart Balance Chi Kung

Balancing pulses, TaoTouch Heart and Small Intestine

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TaoTouch Self-Treatment Chi Nei Tsang
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