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Healing Buddha Palms - eBook and Video file

Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung is a Taoist practice that is an especially powerful tool for healers and Chi Kung practitioners to build and conserve their own Chi while channeling Chi from both the Earth and the Universe. This practice stimulates our twelve internal organs and their meridians, the eight Extraordinary Channels which are our reservoirs of Chi.

Healing Buddha Palms - eBook and Video file

  • Your download link will be delivered on the confirmation page as well as in an email. It is a zip file containing both the eBook pdf file and the video file to download to your computer or device.

  • In this manual and its corresponding video, Gilles Marin and Elise & Kaleo Ching guide you through the subtle yet powerful Buddha Palms sequence. The book provides in depth step-by-step instruction with color photos and relations to meridian points. It also includes introductory information and 7 guided meditations. The video includes the Buddha Palms demonstration by Gilles and a guided meditation poem by Elise Durlam Ching.

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