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Fusion Meditation - Online
5 Elemental Forces - Inner Alchemy Meditations

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Class originally occurred Nov-Dec, 2023

Register now to gain access to the six video recordings, detailed class notes and other resources - accessible thru October 31, 2024.

Instructor: Gilles Marin

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FYI - This class only happens once per year!


The Human Consciousness Fusion Meditation, or Five Intelligences Inner Alchemy Meditation, is one of the highest forms of Taoist meditation. Originated by the now extinct White Cloud Taoist monks in China, this practice has been adapted to the modern Western mind to be more accessible to us all.


This practice will pacify the mind, elevate the spirit, and instigate healing from the deep seated emotional charges held in our bodies, so we can fully manifest the healthy development of our personal and collective humanity.

Gilles says: "In this 2023 iteration of the Fusion class, we will emphasize the integration of the anatomy of consciousness, the affirmation and strengthening of our sense of self, and the Earth aspects of existence."


Be prepared for deep introversion, emotional exploration, and spiritual stimulation.


During this guided meditation practice, you will learn to:

  • Recognize the 5 Elemental Forces / Intelligences within.

  • Practice the 4 specific formulas for mental optimization.

  • Dismantle negative emotions through internal alchemy.

  • Gain understanding through alchemizing emotional disturbances and to create harmony in yourself again and again, thus enhancing your creative energies.

  • Reduce experiencing abstractly - what you expect to experience, see, feel - but rather to feel, experience and see what actually is: growth, change, evolution, health.

  • Gain insight into your internal and external universal energies, empowering you to truly digest your life experiences and strengthen your inner being.

Sliding Scale Donation



As classes are recorded and viewable any time, there are no cancellations/refunds


For those completely new to Gilles' teachings, the introductory part of the Biology of Consciousness course is a prerequisite. You can download the e-book, detailed class notes and view the 8 online class recordings. Available by sliding scale donation. More info and access here.

Also recommended prep is Gilles' book Five Elements Six Conditions available on Amazon.



Fusion Meditation with Gilles Marin

Six video recordings, detailed class notes and other resources included.
Recordings are stream-able through October 31, 2024.


$90-$150 sliding scale donation.

Donate below or by VENMO here (please note Fusion)

MONTHLY MEMBERS - You will be automatically enrolled- no need to do so again :)

Thank you- we appreciate your support!

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