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The Chi Nei Tsang Institute is evolving.  Just like the universe all around us, we're expanding into new forms and expressions.  In more than 25 years of service we've provided Chi Nei Tsang treatments to literally thousands of people from all over the world, while at the same time training and certifying hundreds of Chi Nei Tsang Practitioners from near and far.  We're incredibly excited to announce the opening of our new Taoist Healing Energetics Center in Berkeley, California which will become the education arm of our outreach while the Chi Nei Tsang Institute continues its mission to sustain the health and wellness of our client population through individual treatments and consultations.

If you are already a client, or if you are interested in exploring our services as a potential client, then you've arrived at the right site and we encourage you to explore the information and resources available to you here.

  • Want to know more about Chi Nei Tsang?  Click on the "What is Chi Nei Tsang?" tab at left.
  • Want to preview what a Chi Nei Tsang Treatment would be like?  Click "Chi Nei Tsang Treatments".
  • Need information about Certified Practitioners here at the Institute, or in a location closest to you?  Check the "Practitioner Directory" link at left.
  • Want to book the next available appointment, in "real" time?  Use the link to the right under Appointments: Book Now.  You'll be able to choose a time without even leaving our website, and you'll receive a handy confirmation shortly via email.  

But what if you're a student, or you want information about our classes?  

For that, we encourage you to hop on over to the website of the Taoist Healing Energetics Center.   It's only nanoseconds away on the internet ... and just across town in the real world.  There too, you'll find a lot going on that's new and exciting, but to discover more you'll want to click the link under Resources at right.


In Touch,

Gilles Marin
& the Staff and partners of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute