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Breathing Chi Kung - Triple CD
A mix of lectures and guided visualizations that help improve and increase the volume of your breath, effortlessly. Disc 1 addresses better health, beauty and joy of life, self and relationships through breathing. Disc 2 includes various guided breathing exercises. Disc 3 covers spontaneous healing, colon health and smoking addiction.

Breathing Chi Kung - Triple CD

  • Breathing Chi Kung by Gilles Marin, Founder and Director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and School of Taoist Healing Energetics.

    FIRST CD:  Better Health, Beauty, Joy of Life, Self, & Relationships through Breathing.

    1st track 9:29 Introduction and advice.

    2nd track 12:57 Introduction: Breathing Chi-Kung and the Power of the Metal Elemental Force - The doorway to our feelings and emotions (lecture).

    3rd track 4:37 Easy Breathing (guided exercise) coaches you to breathe deeper, effortlessly.

    4th track 16:33 Breathing and Internal Alchemy (lecture) : intro to the Taoist alchemical world of the Elemental Forces: upgrade your state of being by improving your breath.

    5th track 3:31 Introduction to The Power of Elegance Meditation.  Metal Elemental Force is the power of refinement, which we need to cultivate within ourselves, to attain the fullest enjoyment of life.

    6th track 12:43 The Power of Elegance Meditation: Polishing and Sharpening our Inner Metal (guided meditation) : break through your timidity and self-consciousness while cultivating your sense of self-worth, sensitivity, sensibility, and emotional maturity.

    7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th tracks 8:10 The Skin Breathing Practices: guided exercises for better health and beauty, as they connect your internal self and the part of yourself that makes contact with the external world, especially during the formation of relationships with others. Skin breathing is very detoxifying and has a deep healing effect.  

    SECOND CD:  Guided Breathing Exercises.

    1st track 15:53 Presentation: Healing From Within Breathing Exercises: expand your breath and your emotional awareness. Prepares you for the side effects common to emotional awakening.

    2nd track 5:48 Checking your Breathing System (guided exercise): is a guided self-anatomy class on the anatomy of your breathing system including its meridian system.

    3rd track 36:26 Healing from Within Breathing Exercises: This guided practice will lead you through over half an hour of continuous breathing to: improve your lung capacity, oxygenate your blood, increase your metabolism, and expand your consciousness in the areas of yourself where it has been withdrawn.   

    THIRD CD:  Spontaneous Healing, Colon Health, Stop Smoking Meditations.

    1st track 17:13 Breathing and Spontaneous Healing (lecture): How we can enter the world of transformation and deep healing with the help of breathing Chi-Kung: emotional make up and health.

    2nd track 8:57 Breathing Healing Sunlight Inside the Colon (guided exercise): is a deep healing practice to rejuvenate and help clear the tissues of the colon; aids in recovering from colon cancer.

    3rd track 5:41 Introduction to the Inner World Peace Meditation (lecture).

    4th track 15:57 The Inner World Peace Meditation (guided meditation): This guided meditation is about how to pacify emotional distress without mental numbing, continuous entertainment, or intoxication by alcohol, tobacco, recreational or prescription drugs. It will help you outgrow anxiety and depression, rage and terror while nourishing virtuosity.

    5th track 11:53 Smoking and Emotional Clarity (lecture): How smoking is the best emotional screen ever invented and how we need to proceed to efficiently reverse the conditions that require us to smoke.

    6th track 13:22 Lungs Healing Chi-Kung Meditation (guided meditation): is the ultimate meditation to help you stop smoking and to help you get rid of persistent coughs while clearing the emotional smoke screen at the origin of your need to smoke.

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