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Spiraling Dragon Qigong with Kaleo & Elise Ching
Online Class Series - Video Recordings

Spiraling Dragon Qigong is an ancient shamanic healing practice based in Chinese Medicine. Learn techniques to ground and protect yourself, bathe and rejuvenate in the Cosmic Life Force, and receive direct revelation to guide you on your life's journey.

We are super grateful to have had Kaleo and Elise Ching teach us these beautiful practices in October 2020. The classes were powerful, sweet and simply magical. Now you can access these 5 weekly classes any time!

Enhance your Qi, Chi Nei Tsang, and inner spiritual practices through explorations of:

  • Aloha Qigong

  • Acupoints

  • Zhan Zhuang posture

  • Earth and Shaking Qigong

  • 7 Loops of Individuation

  • Column of Light

  • Shamanic Practices

  • and more!

Kaleo and Elise vessel.png

"Soooo valuable. Your unique Qigoing movements/practices are soooo beautiful. I’ve been doing it several times a day - as I practice it just gets deeper and deeper - it really touches me. Thank you so much for sharing!" - Kara

"This is so darling and wonderful!! My whole body is buzzing :)"
 - Amanda

Suggested donation for the series: $50-$100. Or any amount you can in these times ($25 minimum).

Thank you- we appreciate your support!

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