Biology of Consciousness: One Mind, Five Intelligences
New ebook and online class series

Instructor: Gilles Marin

8 Fridays: May 7 - June 25, 2021

Video recordings will be sent to all registrants after each class. They will be accessible for 6 months after the course ends.

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Meeting ID: 850 2474 6496
Passcode: 308684

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This page/recordings will be up until October 1, 2021. Then, we'll see you for the next one! :)

May 7

- Introduction, basics, warmups

- 5 Intelligences, 2 Axes

- Choosing from a menu practice

May 21

- Great Q&A's, Plugging into Earth

- Soul Axis: Metal/Wood - Spirit Axis: Water/Fire

- Biological aspects of the Intelligences

June 4

- Metal Intelligence

- Fountain of Life / 7 Levels of Individuation

- All sorts of interesting questions

May 14

- Q&A, Yin Perseverance

- 5 Intelligences familiarity, differentiation

- Creating mental space

May 28

- Healing with neurological (and any) disorders

- Soul Axis/ Spirit Axis / Earth is the focal point

- Lucid dreams

June 11

- Fire Intelligence - Connecting with Spirit

- Fountain of Life / 7 Levels of Individuation

- Social Intelligence, crystal colors & much more

June 18

- Soul Axis - Wood/Metal; Earth, Fountain of Life

- Emotional digestion, healing process

- Wonderful Q&A's and thensome