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TaoTouch Chi Kung Incubation Practices
TaoTouch Extraordinary Chi Kung

Instructor: Gilles Marin

NOTE: This class or TaoTouch Chi Kung Basics Online is required before you can take the hands-on Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang class. For those taking Fundamentals for the first time in Crete, we strongly encourage you to come for this first week of class for ultimate preparation.

TaoTouch Chi Kung Incubation Practices (Extraordinary Chi Kung) is a 5-day in person course exploring in the traditional Taoist energy enhancing practices of Chi Kung, combined with ancient Greek healing approaches. These ancient methods powerfully foster inner growth and healing, while harmonizing one’s energy systems. This is essential before extending chi and healing support with others, helping their own process of healing from within.

This course is a blend of Biology of Consciousnes: One Mind, Five Intelligences practices, White Cloud Temple Chi-Kung and meditations, Aikido movements, Sunning, Sleeping Chi Kung, and ancient Greek healing approaches to integrate healing skills and to develop the capacity to upgrade and extend healing Chi during treatments.


Depending on participants' interest or level, this class may cover:

  • Introduction to the true holistic, whole-person approach to health and healing

  • The Fountain of Life (Microcosmic Orbit) with its seven levels of individuation

  • Taoist Meridian Daily Biological Clock

  • Earth Relationship Chi Kung

  • Healing Buddha Palms

  • Misogi space clearing practice

  • Bone Breathing Meditation

  • Sunning Meditation

  • Sleeping Chi Kun

  • Five Intelligences of the Biology of Consciousness

  • Ancient Greek Healing Approaches

  • and more!


TaoTaouch Extraordinary Chi Kung is an excellent general class for anyone who is interested in Chi Kung and/or Chi Nei Tsang. This class is open to all those interested in improving their health and well being, as well as those studying to become health practitioners. It is an excellent introductory class for those seeking understanding of health and healing from a holistic perspective.


For practitioners, these extra-ordinary practices will allow extra-ordinary results when practiced internally or applied during healing sessions with others.


Benefits of Chi Kung meditations and exercises include avoiding burn out, greatly improving health conditions, recycling negative energies out of treatments, and using our healing art to heal ourselves and grow spiritually.

Chi Kung / Chi Nei Tsang classes with Gilles Marin in Berkeley, CA


See the Crete Retreat

 for pricing and registration.


Click here for Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Certification requirements.

New and existing practitioners, please review the new Certification Renewal Program.

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