Somato-Emotional Processing Chi Nei Tsang

July 2-6, 2020

Orizon Center, Megala Chorafia, Souda, 730 03

Crete, Greece

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Instructor: Gilles Marin

Chi Nei Tsang classes with Gilles Marin - Berkeley, CA

This course is approved for 27 Continuing Education Hours (CEUs) by NCBTMB and the California Acupuncture Board (Provider #260, Category 1).

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang class and Fusion Meditation.


In this intermediate, second level, hands-on class, you will learn a complete method to release the deeply seated emotional charges that are at the root of major physical and mental symptoms.


In this course covers:

  • The three steps of the healing process

  • The six conditions for healing indispensable for releasing emotional charges

  • Deep exploration of each elemental force (intelligence)

  • Which emotions are associated with which element, meridian and internal organ

  • How to address emotions and somatic release on a physical level in a CNT treatment

  • How to locate and work on the 8 quadrants of the abdomen

  • Emotional self-care practices for your future clients

  • Working with processing and healing in dreamtime for self and clients

  • More advanced technical approaches used in CNT treatments including floating the head, winning-over touch, and secret closet door

  • Taoist Healing Touch approach to not only internal organs but also head, neck, jaw, joints, ankles, feet, chest, sacrum and hips

  • How the technical mastery and understanding of these principles puts Chi Nei Tsang at the cutting edge of all existing healing modalities


Required reading:

Five Elements, Six Conditions by Gilles Marin


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