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Space & Boundaries Chi Kung


Instructor: Gilles Marin

OPEN TO ALL! Prerequisite for Global Body Chi Nei Tsang class.


Sexual energy is at the core of our creative life force and the strongest energy underlying everything we do. Personal boundaries play an integral part in relationships and interactions of all types. When practiced simultaneously, Sexual Energy Chi-Kung and Space & Boundaries Chi-Kung allow holistic practitioners to deliver superlative healing sessions with the utmost respect and clarity. This class is recommended for anyone involved in any type of healing therapy, particularly energy work.

In this immersive two-day workshop, you will learn:

  • Sexual Energy Management Chi Kung

  • Space and Boundaries Chi Kung

  • Perineal work and the Thrusting Channels

  • Misogi: space cleansing practice

  • and more!


You will also learn to:

  • Feel your current personal boundaries and how to fortify any apparent weaknesses through guided practices.

  • Explore, validate, and respect your limits in interrelationship at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • Differentiate and harmonize male and female sexual energies.

  • Reduce sexual dysfunctions; increase sensitivity and energy.

  • Enhance your creativity and improve your communication skills.

  • Access the healing power of your sexual energy.

  • Recycle ancestral emotional charges passed down through your bloodline which affect your intimacy and sexual expression.

This class is open to everyone, even beginners.
• Space & Boundaries Chi Kung is required twice for Global Body Level (3rd Level) practitioner certification.

• This class leads into the following Global Body Attitude Chi Nei Tsang class.

• Review our practitioner certification requirements here.

• There is absolutely no sexual contact or such activity in this class, only internal energy practices.

Sexual Energy Qigong - Berkeley, CA


Class fee, food & lodging

Sexual Energy Qigong - Berkeley, CA

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