Sacral Energy Chi Kung

Online Series

5 Fridays: April 2021

10-11:30am pacific time

Recordings and notes shared after each class

Instructor: Tiffiny Fyans, Senior Instructor

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In April 2021, Tiffiny Fyans will be gently holding space for self-work: returning to the center of our being around which our world turns. We will work on cultivating presence and defragmenting our self back into whole. We'll connect with our own source, our core, staying steady while many winds blow around outside...

We will be working with the navel, our core with fascial links to the spine and each vital organ's connective ligaments, as well as the lower Dan Tien, the storehouse of energy just behind and below the navel. These practices provide an inner window into our body-mind. Learn to balance the inner Feng Shui of our selves, friends, family and pets with this simple method.

Learn how to :

• Step into your own capacity of self healing using Chi Nei Tsang/TaoTouch.

• Use a simple technique to balance inner Feng Shui and quell disruptive inner winds within yourself and others.

• Cultivate the lower Dan Tien as a recycling center and source of creative energy and vitality.

This work makes a comfortable nest in the lower Dan Tien to hang out in :)

The class program each week consists of:

• Discussion around the energies of the lower abdominal area

• Opening our inner wind gates

• Guided chi kung practices: cultivating a chi ball in the lower Dan Tien
• Q&A

This course is intended to be accessible to anyone whether or not you have a background with the bagua, the names and functions of meridian points, or even the 5 elements.

While it is not a Chi Nei Tsang class per se, you will come away with more experience on how to connect with your self through your abdomen. We will have some self-CNT online classes coming in in the near future.

This Sacral Energy Chi Kung course includes 5 live online sessions, recordings to watch on your own time, detailed notes and email support.

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Sacral Energy Chi Kung - April 2021
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