How to Present Chi Nei Tsang, Healing From Within to current clients, future prospects, and the general public


Saturday February 16, 2019

11am-1pm Pacific time
and/or watch later as your schedule allows (will be recorded)

Class is limited to 20 students.

More logistics below.

Note: This class, our first foray into online classes, will be only for current students and practitioners. Our next online class will be open to all!

The How to Present Chi Nei Tsang class will help you retain current clients and attract new prospects. Actual content will be left flexible to allow students and practitioners to express thoughts, inspirations, successes and challenges - in order to get a sense of where you are in terms of promoting yourselves and the work. Then we will craft a general checklist of important and persuasive items you might want to address when talking about Chi Nei Tsang to people.


Gilles wishes to refrain from trying to get everyone on a standardized presentation of CNT. Instead, we will stir the conversation by brainstorming and coming up with lists of what makes CNT extra-ordinary and get your answers before Gilles provides his input. We will collaborate together to come up with some excellent points and approaches. And of course in the end you will settle into your own unique delivery.

$630 early bird / $700 regular


Please only register if you have taken a CNT class with us in the past couple years and/or are an active CNT practitioner.

Basic Class Outline:

  • Short opening meditation and brief introduction from Gilles and students.

  • Break into small groups for discussion and coming up with a list of things you deem important for discussing CNT with people.

  • Back together in full group, with 1 representative from each group presenting their list.

  • Gilles' presentation with thoughts and guidance, in light of this input from students.

  • Open discussion, sharing, Q&A.

  • Final summary including short "elevator speech".

  • Closing meditation.


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Class Location:
Online via Zoom Video Conferencing

Class times:

Saturday February 16, 11:00am-1:00pm Pacific time.
While this class is best attended live for everyone's ideas and feedback, it will be recorded so you can watch later whether or not you are able to join live.