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Healing From Within - Guided Meditation Series with Gilles Marin

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Bone Breathing/Dreaming will allow you to quiet your mind, relax better and improve your natural capacity to heal. Bone Breathing is a training to cultivate your ability to feel your bones, a crucial step in building a strong foundation for self-development. Bone Dreaming is specially designed to induce sleep and/or a deep sense of relaxation and is highly recommended for people with a high stress level, hypertension, breathing difficulties, joint and nerve pain, bone deterioration, low vitality, spastic muscles, etc., and anyone just wanting to be able to relax deeper and enjoy a more satisfying sleep. Click here to preview and purchase.

Our endocrine system is perfectly programmed to provide us with the right amount of sleeping hormones during nighttime, but only when we spend enough time outdoors in daylight. This is the melatonin-serotonin factor, our waking-sleeping hormones: during daytime solar light stimulates our pineal gland into manufacturing and releasing serotonin, a hormone that gives us vitality during the day.


In five themed segments, Gilles takes us through step-by-step instructions for using the sun’s documented effect on our seratonin-melatonin cycle, in combination with powerful meditation practices, to regulate and enhance our normal body functions that may have become disrupted by lifestyle factors or other stressors. Learning to use the sun to awaken our inherent ability to heal ourselves is a universal prescription for enhanced wellness and vitality. Click here to preview and purchase.


Smiling and laughing regularly are very important for good health and mental well-being! This recording contains a series of four meditations and exercises to help people to be more alive and to enjoy life in a meaningful way. The progression of simple guided practices is geared to relieve your heart of stagnant energy, the oppression of rigid mental pressure, and the weight of emotional charges. They will help to greatly reduce any risk of heart attack as well as help to reverse the conditions that lead to depression. Click here to preview and purchase.

SLEEPING CHI KUNG - (81 min) - double recording - $25

A complete five level method for sleeping better and better, deeper and deeper. Improve your sharpness of mind and memory, regain youthfulness of body and mind, and help yourself to overcome depression and insomnia. Activating Inner Fire follows a progression based on visualization, meditation, and deep energy management (Chi-Kung). It is designed to train individuals to sleep better and better, deeper and deeper. 

These exercises were used a long time ago in Taoist monasteries in the mountain ranges of ancient China to bring monks, ascetics and hermits to higher realms of meditation through the exploration of their dreams. When practiced diligently these exercises have been proven extremely efficient in reversing insomnia and bringing people to a healthy rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. Click here to preview and purchase.

HARMONING OUR INNER EARTH (102 min) - double recording - $25

Progressively and naturally cultivate the positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a properly harmonized and cultivated Inner Earth. Health issues brought on by Earth Elemental Force disharmonies include poor digestion, stomach pains, hypoglycemia and diabetes, back and leg pains. Such health issues often manifest psychologically in chronic anxiety, bulimia and anorexia, poor self-esteem, guilt and shame, adaptation problems, poor mental attention, difficulty in being mentally present, autism, difficulties in standing up for oneself or others, poor coordination... or even just general clumsiness and poor balance.

This recording focuses on helping you to improve your capacity to heal, relieve digestive problems, overcome eating disorders and pancreatic dysfunction (hypoglycemia and diabetes), and increase self-esteem.

Learn to trust yourself. Be comfortable in the present moment, bring stability and comfort to your life, and accept unconditional support.
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BREATHING CHI KUNG (195 min) - triple recording - $35

The Inner Metal Force of Emotional Maturity and Internal Alchemy
The Power of Abstraction, Refinement and Elegance

In this recording you will find a progression of lectures, exercises and guided meditations designed to help you simultaneously in two ways:

Firstly, this recording will help you improve and increase the volume of your breath. By doing so you will engage in rejuvenating all tissues in your body as the oxygen intake increases. The increase of the movement of your breath will also stimulate your metabolism to detoxify faster, enhance your body's resistance to illness and injury, as well as provide you with a clearer mind and a brighter spirit.

Secondly, this guided meditation series will help you upgrade the quality of your emotional life and bring it to a higher level of maturity. The result will be emotional solidity and refined sensitivity that will allow for better management of your body, mind and spirit, consequently improving your health and your relationships so you may enjoy life to its fullest.
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