Chi Nei Tsang Clinical Practice

Sat-Mon, March 24-26, 2018

Emeryville, CA

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Facilitator: Jak Noble

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang

This class will complete one of the ten client Case Studies required for each level of Practitioner Certification. Plus it's a great way to:

  • Ask questions

  • Share experiences

  • Learn from colleagues, senior students and teachers-in-training

  • Be an active member of the CNT community

  • Meet other students to trade more case study sessions with afterwards

  • Receive more Chi Nei Tsang!


The CNT Clinical Practice class is designed to help students gain a holistic understanding and experience of the manipulations taught in Fundamentals, Somato-Emotional Processing, and Global Body Attitude. In these three core classes many techniques are taught, but because of time limitations students usually are able to practice them only briefly.


The Clinical class allows students to more fully explore, ask questions, and become truly comfortable in their practice of the skills relating to the larger discipline of Chi Nei Tsang. The syllabus does not follow a set formula; the content of each class depends on the perspective of the instructor and the specific inquiry of the students in the class. Thus, as students repeat the class to fulfill their certification requirements, with each new group of colleagues they will continue to gain new insights and deeper understanding of the concepts in the core curriculum.


Days begin with a guided chi-kung practice, followed by a discussion period in which students bring up questions from their case studies or from previous classes. Based on the discussion, the teacher demonstrates an approach or set of techniques which students will practice with each other. Everyone is encouraged to give feedback to one another and to exchange roles to more fully explore the concepts being taught. The instructor gives guidance both to the group and to individuals one-on-one.


Some of the issues to be inevitably addressed include a fuller understanding of applied chi-kung as it affects the practitioner’s ability to stay balanced within themselves while giving a treatment, a consideration of self-healing and how it contributes to one’s effectiveness as a practitioner, and an exploration of the concepts of the Five Elements as they relate to practitioner awareness and effectiveness.

Each student will pair with one other student for most of the class, in order experience a deep exploration with one client and to fulfill a client case study series.

Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage applied qigong classes - Berkeley, CA


$225 for those taking another class in March 2018 series

$300 if only Clinical class

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Class Location:

Emeryville Yoga Therapy Center

1240 Powell Street

Emeryville, CA

Class times:

9:30am-5:30pm each day, with a two hour lunch break, 12:30-2:30pm.


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