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Spring 2024 Training Retreat:


TaoTouch GLOBAL BODY Chi Nei Tsang

March 18-22, 2024

Instructor: Tiffiny Fyans

at Harmony Ridge Lodge, Nevada City, CA




How do I register?

Please submit a payment and the registration form via the registration page. Both of those things please!


How much is it?

See the registration page for pricing details, submitting payments and registering.


When is it?

Fundamentals of CNT
March 18-22, 2024

Arrival/Departure Dates for Travelers:

For those staying at Harmony Ridge Lodge:

arrive: Sunday March 17th after 2pm (pickup from airport around 3-4pm)

depart: Saturday March 23rd at 11am (ride to airport leaves around 11am)

See TRAVEL section below for more travel logistics.

Where is it?

Harmony Ridge Lodge is a beautiful, peaceful location in Nevada City, CA, at the entrance of the Tahoe National Forest. It is about 1 hour NE of Sacramento, and about 2.5 hours from SF/East Bay.


18883 State Highway 20

Nevada City, CA 95959


It is NOT Harmony "Resort". If coming through Nevada City, drive past that and turn into Harmony Ridge LODGE on the right, just past Scotts Flat Lake, at the Tahoe National Forest sign.

What time is it?

Sunday March 17th

For those staying at Harmony

2:00pm or later: Check in at Harmony

7:00pm: Dinner

Regular Class Days: Monday March 18 - Friday March 22

8:15am: Breakfast


9:00am-12:30pm: Morning Chi Kung & Chi Nei Tsang class

12:30-2:00pm: Lunch at 12:30pm + Siesta


2:00-5:30pm Afternoon class

6:00pm: Dinner

Weds March 20th
1:00pm-whenever: Field trip in lieu of class, after lunch. River and/or town.
Bring a swimsuit!

Commuters (not staying at Harmony)
You are allowed on the property only during class times.




How do I get there?

• Folks in driving distance can drive. There is plenty of parking, but carpooling is great, especially from the Bay Area. Once we have the student list we can connect interested parties.

• Out of towners: Use the Sacramento Int'l Airport (SMF)

We will arrange pickup/dropoff from/to the airport (see below).

When should I arrive?

If flying in, please try to arrange your flights as follows:

Sacramento Airport (SMF)

Land at Airport:

Sunday March 17

Try to land in the late morning/early afternoon.

Minivan pickup usually around 3pm.


Fly Home:
Saturday March 23
Van ride to airport leaves around 11am, arrive at airport around 12:30pm.

Fly home in the afternoon/evening.

Or fly out the next day, and we can drop you of at an airport hotel which you reserve yourself.

Airport Van Shuttle

We will schedule a shared ride for you at the times mentioned above.

$30 each way per person.

If you fly in/out at other days/times we will not be able to provide transportation.

How many people will be in the class?


We usually have 15-20 students per class.



Which nights can we sleep at the retreat center?

The night before the first day of class , through the night of the last day of class. Depart the next day.


You might wish to stay extra days after (or before) in the area to enjoy the local delights including the amazing Yuba River, cute towns, and cool people.

Can I just make day visits?

Yes! If you live or are staying with friends nearby, you can commute in daily for no additional fee.


Is camping an option?

Tent camping, no. Car camping, yes. That is $30/night ($180 for 6 nights).
Please note the retreat center is alongside a main (2 lane) highway so there is some noise of trucks passing. However there are some parking spots down by the rooms that are a bit quieter and darker.

You can use the bathroom in the classroom space or the one adjacent to it. There is also one bathroom in the main lodge that has a shower for your use (bring a towel).




Is food included in the price?

No. Food is $65-$75/day extra for 3 meals per day.
Recommended for everyone, especially those staying at the retreat center.
It's especially great for getting to know each other better, sharing experiences, stories, bonding, all that good stuff.

More info on the caterer(s) as the class retreat approaches.

Food notes:
It's all or nothing (no choosing only lunches, or certain days or anything). This is necessary for the caterer.

Is food optional?

Yes. But again, we highly recommend getting the meal plan because it makes your experience easy, and mostly because sharing meals with your classmates is the best time to get to know each other better.

Please consume all outside food off-site, and you will not have access to the kitchen in Harmony's Lodge.


Who's cooking?

Last time we had Hiroko and Rose. They are both ah-maz-ing. Stay tuned for Spring 2024 info.


What's on the menu?

It is a healthy, well-balanced spread with veggies, proteins (meat and other), etc... organic and local as much as possible. Meals are served buffet style, where you can pick and choose which prepared ingredients go onto your plate/bowl. The spread accommodates special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and other specialized diets. Coffee, tea and filtered water are available. 

Can I bring my own food?

Sure. If you have room there are mini fridges in all rooms for your use. But if you are car camping, do NOT leave any food in your car. There are bears! And they expect you to share.


Are any CEU's available?


NCBTMB (National Massage Board): 45 CEU's are available per course, for no extra fee. Let us know if you need this on your certificate of completion.


CNTI/TaoTouch (us): Two Year Certification Renewal is satisfied with any hands-on course.


Are there Covid restrictions?


We treat covid and all viruses seriously and request you use anti-virus protocols throughout the course. This includes anti-viral essential oil personal sinus steaming on your own for at least 20 minutes per day. (More on this when you register.)


The classroom has an air filter, ozone generator and lots of space with high ceilings. Bedrooms also have air filters. There is hot ginger tea, healthy foods and a healing alkaline environment to help keep everyone healthy. We request that you keep your immune system boosted with good things like vitamin C, zinc, colloidal silver, reishi mushroom tea, dark leafy greens, good sleep and practicing Buddha Palms!


We also request that you be mindful and follow all the recommended procedures about personal hygiene: frequent hand washing, coughing/sneezing into the crook of the elbow, etc.


If you feel ill at all, especially upper respiratory system, sore throat, congestion, cough and/or fever please do NOT come to class- we will credit you accordingly.

Participants do not need to show covid vaccination status nor test results. Masks are not required during the retreat, but you are free to wear one if you wish.

If you are super worried about catching any viruses from other students, including covid, keep in mind that despite our protocols this is a close hands-on practice in an intimate shared space with lots of deep breathing, so perhaps this type of class will not work for you.


What's the most contagious thing in the world? HEALING! :)

Shall I expect the unexpected?

Well once you are prepared, then it's no longer unexpected!

But yes- in these new times, there is the possibility of last minute changes/rescheduling.

There could be new travel restriction measures due to covid or some other disease... who knows?


In the Fall there is a possibility of local wildfire activity. Quick evacuation may be necessary. We will make sure everyone gets to a safe place- nobody left behind. More likely than anything is the potential of smoky air. We have air purifiers at the ready just in case. Please bring an N95 or other comparable mask to protect against smoke and particulate matter.

What's the weather like?


This mountainous region can be quite chilly in the mornings and evenings, while warming up midday.


Spring: Beautiful crisp weather. Highs in the upper 60s/low 70s, and lows in the 40s. Chance of rain (fingers crossed- we always hope for spring rain here in California!)

Fall: "Indian Summer" is the often the warmest and driest time of year here. Highs in the 60s-80s, lows in the 40s-50s. Chance of rain is highly unlikely but we always pray for it. Chance of gorgeous days is highly likely. Chance of chilly morning and evenings is high. Chance of wildfires with smoky air is an unfortunate new reality during "fire season".

How close is it to town?

The retreat center is just 7 miles from cute downtown Nevada City.

Anything else nearer by?

There is a convenience store down the road with all the essentials. And there's a peaceful lake nearby as well: Scotts Flat Lake.

What should I wear?

- Layers: It's all about layers in these parts.
- Comfort: We will be sitting, doing not-so-physical chi kung, trading abdominal work, etc. So just be comfy and cozy.

- Shoes are not allowed in the indoor spaces, so make sure to bring slip-on shoes or sandals easy to remove at the entrances. Also bring socks/slippers to keep your tootsies warm.

- CNT Classes: We will be working directly on the abdominal area, so wear clothing that can reveal your belly. ie no dresses, unitards, leotards, onesies, jumpsuits, wetsuits, snowsuits or Winnie the Pooh footie jammies.

Is there cell phone service and wifi?

Yes, don't freak out, you can stay connected. There's good wifi, and all cell phone networks have worked just fine.


Digital Detox: For the March 2024 class with Tiffiny, no cell phones/tablets/computers are allowed in class.


Fall Retreats: Bring an N95 mask in case of smoky air from wildfires.


Bring a notebook. While you may video/audio record some demos on your devices, please no audible typing, tapping or clicking for note taking.

Bring a headlamp or flashlight.


Tread lightly: Please keep the property and all furnishings in good order.

Pets: Pets are not allowed. There are birds, small lizards and other woodland creatures around for animal companionship :)

Bears: There are bears in the area! Do not keep ANY food in your car.


Housekeeping: Let's all pitch in to help keep our space clean and tidy. Sweeping the floor, vacuuming the area rug, folding chairs, bringing back tea cups to the lodge, etc. We will have a signup sheet there. Thank you!

Retreat Pics





"Gilles is a master teacher and Tiffiny and the other TA's are phenomenal facilitators and teachers in their own right. I learned so much and felt very supported and safe. I can't wait to return!"

 - Cristina


"The information taught in the above classes by Gilles Marin is healing and expanding on the physical, mental and emotional level. At times I felt it was information I had learned years ago through Ayurveda and Yoga, but there was a great freedom that came with these teachings that did not come through Ayurveda or Yoga. Heal yourself first, this is so important. Use these skills to first work with your own garbage that has been so long held onto for no good reason. So many Taoist teachings, were gently given in a way that the body and mind could take in and utilize. Beginning with of all things - get enough sleep. I believe they are teachings I have been waiting for a very long time, ancient yet practical at the same time. Thank you."

- LB


"It was an eye opening class. I loved that we focused on feeling and listening to our body to deepen what we learned about the philosophy and ideas behind Chi Nei Tsang."

- Sawako


"Just the right mix of learning/listening and experience with the work. Divinely interesting, fun and plenty of opportunity to interact with the other students. Looking forward to the next workshop. The facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and willing to share, talk about their experience and give practical guidance."

- PB


"Amazingly transformational!" - DP

Harmony Ridge Lodge:


"Beautiful and serene - it was a perfect setting for our retreat." - Cristina


"Harmony Ridge Lodge is a welcoming place in tall trees and nature that is nurturing. Even though it is right on a Hwy., once on the grounds, you forget about the traffic - and realize that it is not overwhelming. The room we stayed in was light, bright, with windows that opened for fresh air. The bed was comfortable and the window seat / bed was a delight to sit on to read, bone breathe, and relax before going to sleep. Michelle was of great help and very interesting to visit with." - LB


"Beautiful and peaceful garden. It was nice to have a walk, rest and swimming time in between classes." – Sawako


"I would have gone anywhere in the US to learn in person with Gilles Marin, fortunately Nevada City is convenient and gorgeous with lovely locals. Harmony: GORGEOUS GROUNDS. Great place for early morn-meditation! I would stay there again." – Shelli


"The grounds were wonderful!" - PB


"Perfect!" – DP




"Delicious, nourishing food with lots of variety to choose from - you could taste the love in it!" - Cristina


"I personally have not had such wonderful food to eat for 3 meals a day for 5 days in a row ever on any retreat or training I have attended. I am vegetarian, the options given were wide ranging and fulfilled my needs both veggie wise and protein wise. The food was prepared lovingly (there is an energy that goes with that word), tasted great and filled that 'I am so hungry' button that often gets pushed during trainings of this type. When we open ourselves up to let our energy flow for hours at a time, there is an expenditure that happens that can only be filled by eating very nourishing food. What a treat!" – LB


"The grounds and location were wonderful as was the food that was provided for the workshop. Delicious, many choices and plenty to suit all taste buds. The caterer was extraordinary and offered a wide range of choices at an individual meals and throughout the workshop days." - PB


"Absolutely amazing. If I lived there, I'd be a regular at the restaurant the meat was tended to at. Loving offering of flesh-food I seldom experience since I eat mostly plants. Their gal that came in for prep & such was delightful. I enjoyed their nutritionally dense breakfast and lunches." – Shelli



"The workshop was well organized and I felt very comfortable and safe being in the group to learn. Thank you so much for having essential oils and other support for us to stay healthy."

- Sawako


"Thank you for the gentle organization. Thank you for the sweetness & the intention in that space. Thank you for Gilles for teaching, pouring into us...
Can he do this quarterly in the same spot? I will start saving NOW if you say 'Yes!'"

- Shelli


"Feeling much better inside and out. Coping and go through with much more ease and peace since our week together. So fabulous to meet all of you!  I too am looking forward to the next time!"

- JA


"Wonderful!" - PB

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