Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang Retreat
September 13-17, 2021

Cut to the chase: How much is it?

$1300 per person
Cost Includes:
$800 course fee (for instructor/admin)

$25/day facilities fee for 5 days

$75/day amazing food for 5 days (3 meals/day)

Lodging is not included in this fee. See lodging options/pricing here.
Daily commuters = no additional fee.


Where is it?

Harmony Ridge Lodge is a beautiful, peaceful location in Nevada City, CA, in the Tahoe National Forest. It is about 1 hour NE of Sacramento, and about 2.5 hours from SF/East Bay.


18883 State Highway 20

Nevada City, CA 95959


What time is it?

8:00am: Chi Kung warmup (for hands-on classes only)
8:30am: Breakfast

9:30am-1:00pm: Morning class session
1-3pm: Lunch and siesta

3-6:30pm: Afternoon class session

7:00pm: Dinner

Monday 9/13:

Arrive after 8am

Breakfast at 9am

Class starts at 10am

Friday 9/17:

Out of rooms by 2pm

Depart at 4pm

You are allowed on the property 8:00am-8:00pm.
Showering and other major personal grooming off site please.


How do I get there?

- Folks in driving distance can drive. There is plenty of parking, but carpooling is great, especially from the Bay Area. Once we have the student list we can connect interested parties.

- Out of towners: Use the Sacramento Int'l Airport.

We are looking into the best options for getting from Sacramento to Nevada City and back.

How many people will be in the class?


A maximum of 40. We'll see how many register...



Which nights can we sleep at the retreat center?

For the September 2021 retreat we only have Monday-Thurs nights. So those flying in will need to find local accommodations the Sunday night prior (9/12) and perhaps Friday night (9/17) depending on your travel plans. We are looking into local accommodations for those nights and will keep you posted. Let us know if you need those nights.


You might wish to stay extra days after (or before) to enjoy the local delights including the amazing Yuba River, cute towns, and cool people.


We are allowed at the retreat center starting at 8am on the first day of class (Monday), and depart at 4pm on the last day (Friday).

Can I just make day visits?

Yes if you live or are staying with friends nearby, you can commute in daily for no additional fee. (A $25/day facility fee is included in the flat course rate.) Food is also included so you'll want to arrive in time for yummy breakfast!

What's the room situation?

There are multiple rooms that sleep 2-5 guests each. Each room has its own bathroom.


Is there a choice of rooms/beds?

Yes you can request specific beds but nothing is guaranteed. We will have to see who registers and who requests what and will do our best to accommodate everyone. You will see the options on the registration page.

Do prices vary depending on room/bed?


Yes, there are varying bed and room options, priced out accordingly, dependent on room, how many in sharing, and amenities (ie spa tub).

What should I let you know about me and my sleeping situation?

- If you are a couple or super close friends and can share a larger bed - then you share the cost!

- If you are a snorer. You know who you are! Be honest and please let us know.

- If you are ok staying in an "all genders" room.


Is camping an option?

Contact us if you are interested in camping locally.

What should I bring, lodging-wise?

Earplugs, eye mask, reading light, extra towel, notebook and pen for dream journaling.




Is food included in the price?

Yes, tuition includes 3 meals per day, including for day-use students.


Friday, the last day of class, will include breakfast and lunch only (no dinner).

I don't eat breakfast. Can I pay less?

No, it is a flat rate for the meal plan per our caterer. Also... you should eat breakfast!

Who's cooking?

Shannon! She runs a local restaurant as well. More info coming soon.


What's on the menu?

Healthy, balanced meals that can cater to vegetarian, gluten free, and other specialized diets. Before the retreat you will receive a questionnaire regarding your diet so we can best accommodate your needs. Coffee, tea and filtered water are available.

Can I bring my own food?

You can store your super special items in the kitchen, but there is very limited space. So please bring only what is absolutely necessary. No, you don't NEED that Costco-size bag of Skinny Pop popcorn!



Shall I expect the unexpected?

Well once you are prepared, then it's no longer unexpected! But yes- in these new times, there is the possibility of last minute changes/rescheduling.


There could be new governmental lockdown measures due to covid or some other disease... who knows?


In September there is a possibility of local wildfire activity. Quick evacuation may be necessary. We will make sure everyone gets to a safe place- nobody left behind. More likely than anything is the potential of smoky air. We will have an air purifier at the ready just in case. Please bring an N95 or other comparable mask to protect against smoke and particulate matter.

Are there Covid restrictions?

Participants do not need to show vaccination status or test results. That said, we do request that you be mindful and follow all the recommended procedures about personal hygiene: frequent hand washing, coughing/sneezing into the crook of the elbow, etc. In general we recommend boosting your immune system with good things like vitamin C, reishi mushroom tea, dark leafy greens, good sleep and practicing Buddha Palms! If you feel ill at all, especially sore throat, fever or persistent cough, please do not come to class- we will credit you accordingly.


We run an essential oil diffuser in the classroom and keep it as ventilated as possible. The space we create is an alkaline healing environment.


What's the most contagious thing in the world? HEALING! :)

What's the weather like?


This mountainous region can be quite chilly in the mornings and evenings, while warming up midday.


Spring: Beautiful crisp weather. Highs in the upper 60s/low 70s, and lows in the 40s. Chance of rain (fingers crossed- we always hope for spring rain here in California!)

Fall: "Indian Summer" is the often the warmest and driest time of year here. Highs in the 70s-80s, lows in the 40s-50s. Chance of rain is highly unlikely but we always pray for it. Chance of gorgeous days is highly likely. Chance of wildfires with smoky air is an unfortunate new reality during "fire season".

How close is it to town?

The retreat center is 5 miles from cute downtown Nevada City.

What should I wear?

- Layers: It's all about layers in these parts.
- Comfort: We will be sitting, doing not-so-physical chi kung, trading abdominal work, etc. So just be comfy and cozy.

- Shoes are not allowed in the indoor spaces, so make sure to bring slip-on shoes or sandals easy to remove at the entrances. Also bring socks or slippers to keep your tootsies warm.

- CNT Classes: We will be working directly on the abdominal area, so wear clothing that can reveal your belly. ie no dresses, unitards, leotards, onesies, jumpsuits, wetsuits, snowsuits or Winnie the Pooh footie jammies.

Is there cell phone service and wifi?

Yes, don't freak out, you can stay connected. There's good wifi and all cell phone networks have worked just fine.


Bring an N95 mask in case of smoky air from wildfires.


Bring a notebook. While you may video/audio record some demos on your devices, please no audible typing, tapping or clicking for note taking.

Bring a headlamp or flashlight.


Tread lightly: Please keep the property and all furnishings in good order.

Pets: Pets are not allowed. There are birds, small lizards and other woodland creatures around for animal companionship :)


Housekeeping: There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not included.

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