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Five Elements Six Conditions

A Taoist Approach to Emotional Healing, Psychology, and Internal Alchemy

Gilles Marin, pub. 2006 North Atlantic Press. $18.95

Five Elements, Six Conditions is one of very few books on classical Taoist medicine written from direct teaching and long personal practice rather than from the scholar’s studies of limited written material. This important book develops the mental and emotional aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the Taoist viewpoint of internal alchemy and the Five Elements system in a way that has never been described so clearly before.

This is an indispensable manual directed to the person who wants to heal emotionally, to the therapist who wants to learn an alternative approach to conventional psychotherapy, and to the holistic health student and practitioner who wants to put the truly “traditional” back in Chinese medicine. It is authentic, informative, deeply effective, and practical. Clearly written and easily understandable to the lay person with over 40 color-coded illustrations, step by step exercises, and guided meditations. 


Healing From Within With Chi Nei Tsang

Applied Chi Kung in Internal Organs Treatment

Gilles Marin, pub. North Atlantic Books 1999.  $17.95

This book comprehensively covers the practice of Chi Nei Tsang, from specific and well illustrated portions on the actual massage practice of the internal organs, to its physical and emotional ramifications for both the practitioner and recipient. Steeped in the Healing Tao system, the book discusses internal dysfunctions and energy blocks and uses the breathing exercises of chi-king, therapeutic manipulations, and meditation. Readers will learn how to recycle negative energy, recognize personal patterns of tension, and use simple manipulations to restore vitality to parts of the body.

Chapters describe how to raise Chi with meditation and chi-kung breathing exercises, and the influence of breath on awareness, movement, feelings, and sexuality. Gilles' book delivers specific instructions on methodology as well as observations on general health and well being.

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Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung DVD and Companion Book

Gilles Marin, Kaleo Ching, Elise Ching, pub. CreateSpace 2011.  $35.00 set/2

Instructor:  Gilles Marin

DVD format:  NTSC

Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung is a Taoist practice that is an especially powerful tool for healers and Chi Kung practitioners to build and conserve their own Chi while channeling Chi from both the Earth and the Universe. This practice stimulates our twelve internal organs and their meridians, the eight Extraordinary Channels which are our reservoirs of Chi.  

In this manual and its corresponding DVD, Gilles Marin and Elise & Kaleo Ching guide you through the subtle yet powerful Buddha Palms sequence. The book provides in depth step-by-step instruction with color photos and relations to meridian points. It also includes introductory information and 7 guided meditations.


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Sunning Meditations 

Instructor:  Gilles Marin

Single CD $15

Our endocrine system is perfectly programmed to provide us with the right amount of sleeping hormones during nighttime, but only when we spend enough time outdoors in daylight.  This is the melatonin-serotonin factor, our waking-sleeping hormones: during daytime solar light stimulates our pineal gland into manufacturing and releasing serotonin, a hormone that gives us vitality during the day.  

A lack of serotonin makes us tired and depressed.  It is the reason why health advocates recommend full spectrum lights in offices, especially during winter time when working people have very little chance to enjoy the sun.  When the body is able to manufacture a good, healthy amount of serotonin, then at nighttime the body can produce melatonin which puts one into a deep, healthy sleep.  

The production of melatonin at night is directly proportional to the production of serotonin during daytime.  So make sure you spend some time in the sun during daytime, and at night turn off all lights, pull down the shades on the windows and stay away from the TV or computer monitor.  It is even recommended to cover your windows with thick curtains.  You need to be able to sleep in complete darkness for best results.

In five themed segments, Gilles takes us through step-by-step instructions for using the sun’s documented affect on our seratonin-melatonin cycle, in combination with powerful meditation practices, to regulate and enhance our normal body functions that may have become disrupted by lifestyle factors or other stressors.  Recently, mainstream medical research is confirming that a lack of sun is a significant factor in the disruption of our body’s uptake of Vitamin D, another critical health factor that plays a part in many modern disease processes.   Learning to use the sun to awaken our inherent ability to heal ourselves is a universal prescription for enhanced wellness and vitality.

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The Bone Dreaming Meditation

Instructor:  Gilles Marin

Single CD $15 


Bone Dreaming/Breathing will allow you to quiet your mind, relax better and improve your natural capacity to heal. 

Side 1 (Track 1 & 2) - The Bone Breathing Meditation - is a training to cultivate your ability to feel your bones. This is the first step in building a strong foundation for self-development. It starts the process of getting in touch with one's own internal organs. 

When practiced, Bone Breathing will allow you to quiet and clarify your mind, relax better and improve the natural capacity of your body to heal. Originating in Taoist monasteries in the mountain ranges of China some immemorial time ago, the Bone Marrow Nei-Kung, the discipline from which the Bone Breathing formula has been extracted, was originally designed to fortify the blood, strengthen the bones and raise the flow of Chi or life-giving force. 

This practice has a profound healing effect.

Side 2 (Track 3) - The Bone Dreaming Meditation - is specially designed to induce sleep and/or a deep sense of relaxation. It is also successfully used as a supplement to massage therapy when played during treatments to bring the Bone Breathing benefits to clients. 

It is highly recommended for people with a high stress level, hypertension, breathing difficulties, joint and nerve pain, bone deterioration, low vitality, spastic muscles, etc., and anyone just wanting to be able to relax deeper and enjoy a more satisfying sleep without experiencing the side effects of drugs. Massage practitioners will feel that their clients relax faster during treatment, allowing a deeper touch without generating pain.

These practices are designed to stimulate an educational process enabling individuals to care for themselves in a more informed way. Everyone is responsible for their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. To address any disease it is recommended that one seek informed medical advice as a complement to massage therapy, meditation and Chi-Kung. 

With training and practice, individuals will be able to better understand themselves and thus become capable of functioning more efficiently and humanly.

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Harmonizing Our Inner Earth

Instructor:  Gilles Marin

Double CD  $25.00


In this recording you will experience a series of lectures, exercises and meditations which will help you to progressively and naturally develop and cultivate all the positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a properly harmonized and cultivated Inner Earth.

Health issues brought on by Earth Elemental Force disharmonies include but are not limited to poor digestion, stomach pains, hypoglycemia and diabetes, back and leg pains. Such health issues often manifest psychologically in chronic anxiety, bulimia and anorexia, poor self-esteem, guilt and shame, adaptation problems, poor mental attention, difficulty in being mentally present, autism, difficulties in standing up for oneself or others, poor coordination (clumsiness), etc.

This CD focuses on helping you to: 

  • Improve your capacity to heal.
  • Relieve digestive problems.
  • Overcome eating disorders and pancreatic dysfunction - including hypoglycemia and diabetes.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Learn to trust yourself.
  • Be comfortable in the present moment.
  • Bring stability and comfort to your life.
  • Accept unconditional support.

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Activating Inner Fire:  Laughing Chi Kung

Awaken passion and enthusiasm for life and cultivate your personal Inner Spirit.
Instructor: Gilles Marin

Single CD  $15.00

This recording is designed to enhance the life force in health care practitioners and their clients. The meditations included on it have been inspired by the practices of Taoism and Tantric (Tibetan) Buddhism. They are powerful formulas from esoteric practices and are completely and safely adapted to the Western mind and way of life. 

It is Gilles Marin's theory that the reason French people get away with their diet rich in fat, meats, sauces and alcohol is because they spend the first half-hour of lunch and dinner relaxing with special wines reserved for these frequent occasions. This is called "prendre l'apéritif" (appetizers) and consists of socializing, making fun and laughing at everything they possibly can.

While eating, laughter inhibits sad subjects of conversation such as work, politics, or the news unless, of course, they are to be made fun of.  Laughing while eating appetizers increases the production of bile, digestive juices and digestive enzymes to emulsify the fat content of rich food. This tradition obliges French people to take a longer time for their meals allowing for better digestion and enjoyment of each dish.

Smiling and laughing regularly are very important for good health and sanity.

This recording, Activating Inner Fire - Laughing Chi-Kung, contains a series of four meditations and exercises to help people to be more alive and to enjoy life in a meaningful way. The progression of simple guided practices is geared to relieve your heart of stagnant energy, the oppression of rigid mental pressure, and the weight of emotional charges. They will help to greatly reduce any risk of heart attack as well as help to reverse the conditions that lead to depression.

By practicing this series regularly in the indicated sequence you will develop a greater capacity for appreciating the beauty and goodness of life, and therefore will benefit from a greater enjoyment of life. The Inner Fire Meditations will equip you with both an increased perception of life's obstacles and the mental and emotional ability to surmount them. They also increase intuition and the ability to connect meaningfully with others.                     

There is no end to the list of benefits you will get by activating your Inner Fire regularly: from better health and improved relationships to spiritual guidance.  To list only a few:

  • Enhance your life, protect your health, open to joy with the Inner Beauty, Inner Power Meditation
  • Heal deeply seated wounds in your heart and spirit with the Heart at Peace Meditation.
  • Awaken passion and enthusiasm for life and cultivate your personal Inner Spirit Guide with the Activating Inner Fire Meditation.
  • Laugh along regularly and build robust physical and mental health by practicing "Internal Jogging" with the Laughing Chi-Kung Practice. 

It is highly recommended that you do these practices in sequence to avoid burnout or any kind of energy imbalance. Rather than rush into practice take the time to enjoy each meditation one by one over the course of several days.

If you are a beginner in this style of meditation, it is recommended that you practice The Inner Beauty, Inner Power Meditation for several days before getting into the Heart at Peace and Activating the Inner Fire meditations, for greater results.

Activating the Inner Fire Meditation is particularly powerful and may require a slower approach. If you feel upset or dizzy after practice do some laughing Chi-Kung immediately followed by some Heart at Peace Meditation to reestablish energetic balance.  Practicing the Bone Breathing from our Bone Dreaming meditation recording for a week or so beforehand will greatly help to prevent any risk of discomfort.

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Sleeping Chi Kung

Instructor:  Gilles Marin

Double CD  $25.00   

The Chi Nei Tsang Institute's 5 Level Complete Sleeping Method for sleeping better and better, deeper and deeper.  Improve sharpness of mind and memory, regain youthfulness of body and mind, help yourself to overcome depression and insomnia.

The exercises in this recording follow a progression based on visualization, meditation, and deep energy management (also called Chi-Kung) and are designed to train individuals to sleep better and better, deeper and deeper. 

These exercises were used a long time ago in Taoist monasteries in the mountain ranges of ancient China to bring monks, ascetics and hermits to higher realms of meditation through the exploration of their dreams. These exercises constitute the preparatory practice for one of our trainings: The Chi Nei Tsang Dream Chi-Kung Workshop where individuals are guided in learning and healing from their dreams.

When practiced diligently these exercises have been proven extremely efficient in reversing insomnia and bringing people to a healthy rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.

If you use this recording because you have sleeping problems, we recommend that you use these exercises as you would a prescription. Practice each exercise every day for at least a whole week to ten days before proceeding to the next one. Then use the exercises that work the best for your type of sleeping problem and combine them or alternate them for best results. If you don't succeed right away don't despair; keep practicing and positive results will come soon. The more and longer you practice, the better the results. Once your body becomes accustomed to this practice, you will be able to sleep on command and without struggle.

The exercises in this recordng address the types of insomnia most people experience:

  • Melatonin/Seratonin imbalance, typically caused by spending too much time indoors.
  • Poor breathing.
  • Nerve exhaustion.
  • Emotional distress. 

Most sleeping problems are stress related. Stress is part of everyday life; we can't avoid it at all times. Stress management is of course a step toward a solution, but how can we reduce stress if we’re not able to sleep?  It’s impossible!  Some people can't fall asleep; others fall asleep but keep waking up, while others wake up at specific times during the night. Another sleep problem occurs when people can't stop thinking even though they are asleep. They wake up thinking, making them feel they haven't slept at all and indeed parts of themselves never did!

This complete Chi Nei Tsang method of sleeping is designed to induce sleep in anyone no matter how high the stress level is and no matter what kind of sleeping problem is experienced.

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Breathing Chi Kung:  The Inner Metal Force of Emotional Maturity & Internal Alchemy

Instructor:  Gilles Marin

Triple CD $35

FIRST CD:  Better Health, Beauty, Joy of Life, Self, & Relationships through Breathing.

1st track 9:29 Introduction and advice.

2nd track 12:57 Introduction: Breathing Chi-Kung and the Power of the Metal Elemental Force - The doorway to our feelings and emotions (lecture).

3rd track 4:37 Easy Breathing (guided exercise) coaches you to breathe deeper, effortlessly.

4th track 16:33 Breathing and Internal Alchemy (lecture) : intro to the Taoist alchemical world of the Elemental Forces: upgrade your state of being by improving your breath.

5th track 3:31 Introduction to The Power of Elegance Meditation.  Metal Elemental Force is the power of refinement, which we need to cultivate within ourselves, to attain the fullest enjoyment of life.

6th track 12:43 The Power of Elegance Meditation: Polishing and Sharpening our Inner Metal (guided meditation) : break through your timidity and self-consciousness while cultivating your sense of self-worth, sensitivity, sensibility, and emotional maturity.

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th tracks 8:10 The Skin Breathing Practices: guided exercises for better health and beauty, as they connect your internal self and the part of yourself that makes contact with the external world, especially during the formation of relationships with others. Skin breathing is very detoxifying and has a deep healing effect.  

SECOND CD:  Guided Breathing Exercises.

1st track 15:53 Presentation: Healing From Within Breathing Exercises: expand your breath and your emotional awareness. Prepares you for the side effects common to emotional awakening.

2nd track 5:48 Checking your Breathing System (guided exercise): is a guided self-anatomy class on the anatomy of your breathing system including its meridian system.

3rd track 36:26 Healing from Within Breathing Exercises: This guided practice will lead you through over half an hour of continuous breathing to: improve your lung capacity, oxygenate your blood, increase your metabolism, and expand your consciousness in the areas of yourself where it has been withdrawn.   

THIRD CD:  Spontaneous Healing, Colon Health, Stop Smoking Meditations.

1st track 17:13 Breathing and Spontaneous Healing (lecture): How we can enter the world of transformation and deep healing with the help of breathing Chi-Kung: emotional make up and health.

2nd track 8:57 Breathing Healing Sunlight Inside the Colon (guided exercise): is a deep healing practice to rejuvenate and help clear the tissues of the colon; aids in recovering from colon cancer.

3rd track 5:41 Introduction to the Inner World Peace Meditation (lecture).

4th track 15:57 The Inner World Peace Meditation (guided meditation): This guided meditation is about how to pacify emotional distress without mental numbing, continuous entertainment, or intoxication by alcohol, tobacco, recreational or prescription drugs. It will help you outgrow anxiety and depression, rage and terror while nourishing virtuosity.

5th track 11:53 Smoking and Emotional Clarity (lecture): How smoking is the best emotional screen ever invented and how we need to proceed to efficiently reverse the conditions that require us to smoke.

6th track 13:22 Lungs Healing Chi-Kung Meditation (guided meditation): is the ultimate meditation to help you stop smoking and to help you get rid of persistent coughs while clearing the emotional smoke screen at the origin of your need to smoke.


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